Ann Johnson of Wave-length Championing Change in Telford

Ann Johnson of Wave-length Championing Change in Telford

Ann Johnson MD of Wave-length asked to be Social Inclusion Champion to the Telford and Wrekin Business Board

Ann’s role will be to see how best Telford Businesses, other Champions and the third sector can best work across Telford to ensure the following outcomes as stated within the Marches LEP Strategic Aim 5.  If you would like to provide input into this work, would like to share with us a local initiative related to the Activity 5 or would like Ann to be at any of your events please let Ann know through

For more information about the Champions initiative go to the Shropshire Star news item

The Marches LEP Activity 5 to concentrate on areas of:

Learning and routes to employment.

Concentrating upon early intervention and hard to reach groups.

Community Led Local Development


Sub Priority 5.1 – Provide the means through which under-represented groups become work ready and are able to access learning, training and job opportunities The Marches LEP will identify activity to engage those who are furthest away from employment and through early intervention, mentoring, positive activity and volunteering help them onto the pathway to employment.

Sub Priority 5.2 – Engaging and supporting underrepresented groups to enable them to overcome barriers to employment There are a number of barriers which prevent people accessing employment and for some groups these can be complex and challenging. The Marches LEP will understand these barriers and work with local support agencies and service providers (existing and new) to identify and implement new approaches and ways in which these barriers can be overcome. It is important to improve the work-readiness and social skills in young people and in those new to/ returning to work.

Sub Priority 5.3: Develop capacity at a local level which supports and empowers underrepresented groups Recognising that the most effective solutions will be designed and delivered at a local level, the Marches LEP will provide support to organisations, predominantly VCSE, to support and empower under-represented groups to become more actively engaged in understanding local need and developing/implementing sustainable local solutions.

Sub Priority 5.4 – Target geographical areas with high levels of unemployment, low education attainment levels and low income through a Community Led Local Development (CLLD) approach The Marches has a strong track record of successfully delivering the LEADER approach within its rural areas and recognises the lasting benefits to the lives of local people and businesses that can be achieved. Partners can see the benefit in applying Community Led Local Development (CLLD) approach within the deprived urban areas and have identified the LSOA’s which fall within the top 20% nationally which they would seek to target

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