Another successful debate for Wave-length

Another successful debate for Wave-length

Obesity: Should it be a disability?

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With thanks to Adelphi Care Services Ltd for their support, Wave-length hosted another successful debate, this time around the subject of Obesity. A possible future European Union law could mean that obesity will be classed as a disability, so we saw the opportunity to invite companies to come and discuss and debate this and look into what reasonable adjustments can be put into place in the workplace to support any staff they may have who face challenges due to obesity.

We were delighted to see a range of companies and charities attending the event including Interserve and Bethpahge. It was a fantastic opportunity to network and share knowledge around obesity in the workplace, what reasonable adjustments can be put into place and what legal obligations there are around the condition – demonstrated by a case study exercise that got our attendee’s thinking about the issues around obesity and how it can be approached from a company perspective.

Attendees left with a new outlook on the condition, informing us that they were going to be looking more into obesity and what support they can put in place for any current or future members of staff as well as how to best approach the subject with staff. We were also delighted to see that many companies were going to be reviewing their capability, diversity and disability policies as to be better educated and prepared around the condition alongside talking to their staff and raising awareness within their company/organisation.

The Wave-length Well was also explored, showing the group how they can make the most of our services via The Well. The Well is a resource pool of research, tool kits and guides to support your company/organisation in disability and health related subjects. Becoming a member of The Well means you can come to us with specific research that you need carrying out for your company/organisation and we will provide you with the knowledge, implications and reasonable adjustments you need to consider.

These debates are a great opportunity to bring people together to discuss and debate topics that are in need of consideration, especially when there are upcoming possible law changes that could affect how we see disability in the workplace. Our next debate is being held on March 10th 2015, again with thanks to Adelphi Care for providing the room.

We are also running and event with TTC, Driving at work: Not always an easy route, which will explore the risks, challenges and legal obligations that need to be considered when you have staff that drive at work. This will be held on January 26th 2015 at TTC’s Driver Training Centre.

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