Are you looking for a small grant to support someone with a learning disability?

Are you looking for a small grant to support someone with a learning disability?

The Basil Houghton Memorial Trust is a local grant giving Trust able to make small grants to support people with learning disabilities and their family carers either directly or through voluntary organisations supporting people with learning disabilities.

The Trust was established with an endowment from Mrs Doris Houghton and named after her son, the late Basil Houghton of Shrewsbury, who himself had a learning disability. Mrs Houghton was particularly keen that the money should be used to allow people with a learning disability to fulfil their dreams or aspirations and to improve the quality of their lives either individually or collectively. Examples of the type of award given to date include:

  • Contributions towards holidays with or without the family.
  • Payments for support to enable travel or entertainment or social activities.
  • Payments to achieve an individual ambition.
  • The provision of items and payment for services such as equipment that will enhance life and is not a statutory requirement.

The Trust has and is able to make small grants within the following strict criteria:

  • Individual beneficiaries must have a learning disability and be resident in Shropshire.
  • Organisations seeking support for groups of people with learning disabilities should be located within the County of Shropshire and should be registered charities or be established for charitable purposes.

Grants will only be awarded for services which are not the responsibility of statutory bodies or are additional to those provided by statutory bodies

Individual applicants may apply for up to £300. Grants to organisations will be considered on their merit but will generally be around £1200 max per group per annum

Anyone interested in making an application should contact the Basil Houghton Trust by email to

The Trustees meet quarterly in June, September, December and March

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