Can you help Wave-length build its capacity?

Can you help Wave-length build its capacity?

Can you assist Wave-length by either donating an Apple Mac you no longer use or helping us with the money to purchase one?

Wave-length run a programme called the Junction Box where we assist those who are often unemployed, socially challenged or simply at a junction in life to look at alternatives to employment which might be self-employment.  These are people are who often do not have the contacts, money or networks that we have to help set up businesses and need some different types of solutions.   For instance for some it might be aid from Access to Work, New Enterprise Allowance or access to environmental waste in order to make prototypes or products thanks to a very large international organisation who has offered to assist with this.

We are now looking for assistance to purchase or for someone to donate to us an Apple Mac that would be of a spec that it would be able to edit films etc.   We will use the Apple Mac for two things one to make film of those we support so that it will encourage more investment and in addition make it available to use by those that might need it within those that we support.  Allowing them to come to our office to edit or design a graphic.

Wave-length is a social enterprise CIC and this means that we use our profits for purpose as like the above we invest back into the work we do to support people who want to work but find it challenging for many reasons – so offering self employment education and support as an answer.   As one person said last week ‘I have no money but I am richer by being here today’ what a great comment back, but we could do more and we wish to offer it, but our funds will not run to a 1,000 Apple Mac, so would welcome a spare, unloved or unused one being donated or the funds to purchase one.   In return we would put your logo on the Junction Box website and/or the information that goes to those who attend our sessions – on average we see 10-12 new people every month and if all goes well they stay as regular members of our meet-ups.

If you want more information about what we do or you can help us with this request can you contact Ann Johnson founder of Wave-length at or telephone 01952 670404  – thanks.

Posted January 16th, 2015 In Announcements
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