Capitalising through Capability PREVIEW

Capitalising through Capability PREVIEW

Suggestions, examples and templates for developing a capability strategy within your organisation.

Prepared by Ann Johnson of Wave-length CIC

This guidance document sets out suggestions, examples and templates for developing a capability strategy within your organisation.  Providing ways to approach develop and manage working practices.  It offers guidance on the capability of individuals, teams and organisations as they are fundamentally linked.

As stated this is only a guide and therefore any proposals, policies and/or changes to working practices should be fully considered, applicable to your organisation, and should be checked for legal implications as a result.


Introduction to this guide.

What do we mean by capability?

Getting it right from the start.

Being part of a team.

Managing Change.

A Capability Policy.

Additional documents.

Reasonable adjustments.

Appendix 1  Example of a Capability Policy.

Introduction to this guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist businesses in building more robust structures and policies for maximising the capability of their employees/teams and ultimately the organisation.

To provide an understanding of some of the reasons that difficulties occur so that they might be planned for, understood and mitigated.

That capability goes beyond disciplinary and that improving the capability of the team often reduces the need of such negative action.  Jobs can undoubtedly be more mentally stressful today and with people also living longer and working longer we need to ensure that staff are supported and able to meet the demands of fast growing organisations.

The guide is what it states ‘a guide’, an opportunity to stretch your thinking about the way your organisation is structured, how you recruit and further support staff in your organisation.  It is not meant to be prescriptive and we would always recommend that you took wider advice than this guide before implementing change that affects the lives of employees.

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