Celebrating the success of young entrepreneurs in Shropshire

Celebrating the success of young entrepreneurs in Shropshire

It all starts with a good idea!

Last week Wave-length attended the Young Brit awards at Hadley Park Hotel. Funded and supported by local business people, Jenny and Graham Wynn of the TTC Group and Telford & Wrekin Council, Young Britain is a company that helps young entrepreneurs successfully start up their own businesses. The Young Brit Awards was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the successes of these young business owners and it was great for us to take some time off and celebrate the hard work of Young Britain and the achievements of young people in the local area.

The celebration was stunning. Guests were welcomed with complimentary champagne and were treated to some beautiful music performed live by Luke Day and Catherine Hall, two Young Britain members. Then it was on to the spectacular awards, where many very deserving young entrepreneurs received awards and expressed their gratitude towards all of the team at Young Britain. After the awards were given, everyone indulged in a beautifully sophisticated three course meal and then an inspirational speech from David Hyner to conclude the evening. A truly memorable evening to say the least.

There was a fantastic turn out to the event, where everyone had come to recognise the work that Young Britain do and celebrate their client’s successes. It was great to see so many young people doing so well for themselves and beaming with confidence. Especially when we live in an economy that feels the pressures of unemployment.

I must say I was particularly impressed with a young group of girls from Newport Girls High School who had come up with their own business called BamBoomBox. BamBoomBox is a device designed to amplify sounds form your IPhone without the use of electricity. A completely natural way of boosting your music that has certainly captured people’s attention. The girls won the ‘It’s Not Always 9 to 5’ award and were true inspirations to all those aspiring entrepreneurs who were either watching or heard about their success. It really goes to show that as long as you have a good idea and the drive to do well, then you can create a successful business no matter how young you may be.

Fay Easton, Co-founder of Young Britain expressed how pleased she was that Young Britain had helped so many young people escape the worries of unemployment and be confident enough to work with Young Britain to set up their own business. To say the least, we are excited to see what Young Britain will do next, after achieving so much success helping young people so far.

If you are aged between 18 and 30 and you are looking at setting up your own business, then Young Britain are the people to go to. We have seen first-hand how wonderful the work they do is, and how much young people appreciate the work they do. Not only will you gain invaluable business advice and guidance, you will also find yourself in a warm, caring and considerate atmosphere.

Wave-length look forward to seeing more of Young Britain’s work and we are sure that many more young people will see that self-employment is in fact an option, not just a dream.

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