Easing the process of Equality Impact Assessments

Easing the process of Equality Impact Assessments

We can offer your management team facilitated workshops that help address and reduce the risk of the often lagging or non-completion of assessments or those of poor quality.

Whilst the government is reducing the prescriptive approaches to Equality Impact Assessments this does not mean that the need to continue the process has gone away read our article http://www.wave-length.org.uk/do-you-dread-completing-an-equality-impact-assessment-form/

Why is training important?

  • To ensure that management and those required to complete assessment forms know the importance of completion, the aims and the ways that they mitigate risks to the organisation.  As with many of us if we understand the value of the process we are more likely to engage with it
  • To help managers through sector related examples understand the easy to use approaches they might take to seeking out information and learning in order to complete assessments
  • To help managers understand the everyday risks and benefits around them so as to ensure robust equality management processes
  • And whilst we cannot claim to help managers look forward to the completion of forms we can look at how the process might be streamlined to stop the dreading of them – so the session would if required also comment back and share improvements on the process

The workshops can also extend to trustees, non-exec directors who need to understand the regulations and legal requirements of public sector organisation or ALMO’s (Arm’s Length Management Organisations) in completing assessments.

Workshops can be delivered over a half day or full day depending on the need of the organisation.   Wave-length will be happy to provide you with an understanding of duration, costing and a design that would best meet your organisational objectives.

The session can include:

  • What are the current requirements under the Equality Duty and how they might change in the future
  • Current best practice – we can share our learning and development of tools from working with other organisations
  • Responsibility of Managers, Directors and other staff to comply with the duty
  • Understanding of the challenges faced in completing assessments and how they might be overcome
  • How processes might be improved (seeking engagement with the team)

We have also found as a result of the practical exercises we have designed within sessions that given time to focus attendees do raise issues currently within the organisation and ideas for improvement within working practices, given permission by the group we would be happy to share such findings with your organisation in a post report directly to you if this would also be of value. 

Wave-length do not within their workshops lecture we look to take the person on a journey of self-understanding providing opportunity to debate, understand examples relevant to their sector and to pose the question. 


To find out more or to book a workshop contact info@wave-length.org.uk or telephone 01952 670404

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