Does She Take Sugar?

Does She Take Sugar?

When a customer, client or member of staff has a disability, are you sure you know how to best support them? Could you just do a bit better? What are the low cost actions that could make a huge difference to customers and staff – so that your company also gets the best results. Workshop is on the 19th June 2014 in Telford.

When: 19th June, 2014

  • How would you assist someone with Aspergers? with a visual impairment? with a learning disability? with a physical disability?
  • If I came into your business using my wheelchair should you pull up a chair? crouch down?  what language should you best use?
  • Do you put on the bottom of your documentation if you wish this information to be in different format then let us know and then cross your fingers and hope no-one does?
  • How might you best ask if visitors to your event, services or meeting have any requirements – how do you support without seeming to be over the top or not caring enough?
  • What language should I best use and how do I best manage expectation of those accessing your services?
  • How can you best manage a situation that is seemingly going wrong?

All of the above matters when you are trying to provide the best service, employ the best staff and most importantly keep both.

If you are in any doubt on the above then come along to this event its just £40 a head, an engaging session with much to take away with you as well.

Attendees will learn how

  • Understand the key areas of the law in respect of disability
  • To understand how to best approach situations, introductions and offer support
  • How to have a plan to best manage expectations on the day, understand how to plan, manage on the day and to best reflect on approaches taken
  • Be able to identify potential barriers and innovative ways to overcome them

In addition attendees will be provided with a useful guide and checklist so as to adapt their own management tool

Duration 3 hours with coffee and tea available ahead and during the session 10am – 1pm

Cost £40.00 per delegate

To book your place contact or telephone 01952 670404

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