Empowerment By Action -join us on the 27th Jan and help us create something great for Telford in 2015

Empowerment By Action -join us on the 27th Jan and help us create something great for Telford in 2015

Junction Box makes a breakthrough! We have funding in place to support people in the Telford area to help them understand the opportunities that self-employment might bring them and we want to share the opportunities with you and those you support in the community so that we can help more people get into meaningful occupation in 2015.

When: 27th January, 2015

You are invited to come along and see how the Junction Box is supporting people in Telford

A programme that addresses what it takes to be self-employment, not just helping people with a business plan but working to change lives. 

The event starts at 10.00am until 1pm at Meeting Point House, Southwater, Telford

We will tell you about the programme and the way it can provide services to the people you support,

We will show you the results of our work so far and perhaps the best part is we will let you join in one of our key activities and use the learning to help develop your own organisational thinking;  helping you to see how our interactive tools in action.

The Junction Box is taking over the Jubilee Room once a week at Meeting Point House This is a place where everyone can add value and contribute to other peoples ideas and help them to achieve their goals and aspirations come true.  Where we can all take ownership of our own learning in a business context and even mentor each other. By understanding how to unlock their own potential in those they support might be developed, this might include those supporting individuals within Adult Social Care, Specialist Support Schools/Colleges, mainstream education, prison service (ex–‐offenders), those supporting those homeless, with addictions and/or mental health conditions, carers, single parents etc. etc.

We already know that the growth of self-employment is much of the reason the unemployment figures are coming down and that people who face social challenges whether real or perceived can be 2 % more likely to take up self employment than those who don’t.   But what if they are unsure about business, want to learn more about the pros and cons, want to understand how it might suit their lifestyle or just want to understand if their skills, interests and hobbies might be turned into an income.   The Junction Box addresses these issues. 

We would love to see you on the 27th January for this fresh, interactive and informative session – letting you know what we can do for those you support in the county.

If you would like to attend or require more information then contact Whitney@wave-length.org.uk or telephone 01952 670404

Alternatively you can book your place through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/junction-box-briefing-tickets-15177518366 

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