Equality Through Good Governance – Trustee Training from Wave-length

Equality Through Good Governance – Trustee Training from Wave-length

Meeting the Equality Needs of our customers, employers and stakeholders

Whether as a trustee, councillor, director or non-exec director you need to understand and meet your legal responsibilities within the Equality Act 2010. The Institute of Directors make it very clear ‘As a director, you have legal responsibilities to your employees, customers, suppliers and other individuals your company may interact with, regarding equality and diversity’

But what if you are a trustee of a charity does the same apply?

Yes to a large degree the only charity exception within the Act is allowing charities to restrict benefits to people with a particular characteristic (but not a group defined by colour).  But any such restriction still needs to be satisfied by the Equality Act 2010 requirements and two in particular.

Why is training important?

  • Many boards rely on an Equality Champion, Spokesman or the Executive to guide them here.  But all directors collectively carry this responsibility so they should be informed enough to be able to understand, question and/or approve activity in their name.
  • Many of us can read through the Equality Act 2010, Charity Commissions Guidance, IOD, sector regulation and similar and for those that it is relevant to the Equality Duty but how do we interpret it, do we understand its implications and know its impact in our sector? Do we know how to practical apply it or put the write governance tools in place to satisfy that compliance is in place?
  • To allow a chance to debate and fully comprehend the need of those connected to the organisation, sector and understand the strategic challenges faced and how they might be understood, challenged or overcome.

Wave-length understands that there can be much pressure placed on trustees, directors and executive boards so we can offer a two hour session (outcomes below) along with a toolkit for boards to use so as to ascertain progress within their organisation, allowing for a short focus time with further support  back in the role.  

Should further training be required this can be identified within the toolkit and Wave-length would be happy to quote or provide additional programmes or resources should they be necessary.

The session is charged currently at £180.00 for a two hour session plus travel costs which differ based on where you are in the UK.   We would be happy to quote for travel costs on request or look at alternative approaches you may want to apply.  Please note if you are a small charity group we can assist you in matching you up with another interested group to share the session and therefore share the costs.

The session includes:

  • Equality Act key changes
  • Single Equality Duty (if applicable to your organisation)
  • Responsibility of Governors/Councillors or Directors (depending on your organisations framework)
  • Current drivers in respect of community inclusion (if applicable to your sector)


But most importantly the session will consider not just the legal and regulatory requirements but how to apply them in the sector you are in.  It will help the attendees to consider:

  • Type of impact in their sector
  • The challenges in delivering and how they might be overcome
  • How to go beyond regulation into best practice
  • The rewards to your sector embedding Equality provides


Wave-length do not within their session’s lecture we look to take the person on a programme of self-understanding providing opportunity to debate, understand examples relevant to their sector and to pose the question. 


To find out more or to book a session contact info@wave-length.org.uk or telephone 01952 670404

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