Evolution of the Junction Box workshops

Evolution of the Junction Box workshops

The Junction Box workshops are already proving to be a success and they are only in their third month running!

Since starting the workshops in September 2014 we have met some truly inspirational people and not only helped them understand what self-employment is and provide them with business planning tools, but also helped improve their confidence to overcome other social challenges.

The workshops are designed for people in the Telford area who are unemployed and have an interest in self-employment – no initial business idea is required. The groups have now progressed onto the first monthly meet ups in Telford. Some with strong ideas they want to develop into a business, and others simply enjoying the learning and networking. We are pleased already to see some with clear plans moulded and stretched by those in the group, so much so that some of the group have now sought information about coming off employment allowances and moving to the New Enterprise Allowance scheme and we even have some starting to trade.

Less than three months on and we can already see a difference to those attending, not just in the path to meaningful occupation, but also to see people overcome social barriers that begin to allow them to enjoy coming to the workshops, contributing to other ideas and networking with the rest of the group

                                                                                                                                                                         “It’s made me feel like my own business is possible!”


  “I didn’t realise how beneficial a group can be. It’s amazing how much you can learn and how different people look at things in different ways.


Alongside the success of these workshops, we have received enquiries as to whether or not the workshops are accessible to others who are not eligible to be referred onto them via the Telford Jobcentre.

As of January 2015 Wave-length will be making self-employment workshops available as a full day workshops for just £150 per person, which also includes unlimited attendance to the monthly meet ups to progress their learning and business ideas.

The initial two introductory workshops, as structured for the attendees via the Jobcentre, will be put together to form a whole day of learning about self-employment and how we can help you develop your business idea, although no idea is needed – just a desire to learn the ins and outs of starting up your own business. Although some may want to individually fund their place on a workshop, we see this approach most suitable to those who have a supporting body behind them such as The Armed Forces – helping people who feel they are at a crossroads in life and are looking to explore their options to enable them to find meaningful occupation.

Other exciting news is Telford and Wrekin are now funding Wave-length to provide a pilot self-employment workshop for people who are employed but facing challenges at work and are heading towards unemployment. The aim of these workshops is to help people who are facing barriers at work due to external factors or health conditions and prevent them from becoming unemployed. We intend to help people either return to work with a much more positive attitude or pursue self-employment if that is what they wish to do as a way of seeking meaningful employment. These workshops will make people really think about the type of work they want to go into that will best suit their needs and well-being.

So the future for the Junction Box workshops is looking very promising and exciting! Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our progress and development.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email lauren@wave-length.org.uk

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