Fair or Unfair? I felt as a disabled person I was having to pay more

Fair or Unfair? I felt as a disabled person I was having to pay more

I saw a great offer for a South Shropshire hotel a seven course dinner, overnight stay and breakfast in a great location and all for £150.00 for two people – amazing. I knew they had a wheelchair accessible room so felt confident this was the break that would be welcome for my husband and me.

So rang the hotel to find out more about room availability, the response ‘yes i could book’ said the woman on the phone ‘but I would have to pay £170 for the same offer’ WHY? it was because the offer was only for standard rooms BUT the wheelchair accessible is only available in a superior room not standard. This feels unfair to me they might have just put on the advert offer not suitable for wheelchair users or people with physical disabilities.

They were right that the small print does say available on standard rooms only but is this fair for people like me when there are no standard rooms for wheelchair users? My conclusion is it probably could be argued that this act was not under the law discriminatory but was the action taken fair is what I ask? I would like to think if i ran the hotel and the room was available I would have said ‘thats fine’ happy for you to come and enjoy the offer.

Needless to say we will not visit this hotel again for meals which we have enjoyed in the past, nor would we recommend the hotel to our friends or family – all for the sake of £20

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