Finding Time to Make a Reasonable Choice

Finding Time to Make a Reasonable Choice

Maximising capability is something to be valued by employers and employees – can you assist us to design a fresh approach to the issue and help yourself at the same-time?

Managers watching the clockWave-length is currently working with other interested national partners a HR Advisory company and Occupational Health organisation to look at how through fresh ways of working those organisations challenged by mid to long term absence and/or staff gaining a disability or long-term health condition.  How working practices might be improved to better assist both sides and how to at an early stage identify outcomes that help to support both parties and provide a feeling of each side being fully understood and engaged in the process.

The government and employers recognise that much needs to be done to reduce absence from work and to assist those feeling that they need more support from their employer when life changes happen or capability reduces.  The government currently plans to put a telephone advisory service into place but often such advice to organisations are kept to the boundaries of legal risk and processes that can sometimes feel for employees and employers like a ‘them and us’ situation.  We are convinced that there is a better way in providing something that joins up the valued work already of employers and occupational health teams who simply just want to do the right thing for the individual and the company which often means a joint, clear and frank discussion to fully explore the options available.

Representatives from Wave-length a voice for disability, HR specialist company and a national Occupational Health Executive have already come together several times to discuss and design an approach for change which now we feel we can place in front of employers.  As with all good ideas it is best to test them, further stretch them and to consider the voice of the ‘devil’s advocate’.

So in order to do this we are holding our next meeting on the 10th February at Wave-length’s offices at the Enterprise Hub Hadley, Telford at 11.00am and this time asking interested parties to come along and join in the discussion and to add question or comment from their perspective of our approach for change.  Already we have a large employer from the Care Industry attending, a small business owner and a representative from an organisation that supports people with disabilities but we would value more input as the more we test this new service before launch the better.  We will also be looking to practically apply the approach in one employers working environment as a pilot, again to provide an opportunity to further test, reflect and learn from the process from all those involved.

If you would like to be kept up to-date with progress of this service, learn more or attend our meeting on the 10th February then contact Ann Johnson at or telephone 01952 670404

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