Helping you Deliver Excellence in Customer Service – Meeting the Needs of Customers with a Disability

Helping you Deliver Excellence in Customer Service – Meeting the Needs of Customers with a Disability

This one-day course will help managers design and implement policies and working practices that support the needs of customers and clients with a disability.

Man using a wheelchairDuring the day we review the legal requirements, best practice approaches, and methods for providing services that support reasonable adjustment needs. We also look closely at managing the expectations of the customer and how to ensure a positive experience for both front line staff and customers with disabilities.

This training will enable you to adopt a confident approach that will help your organisation to widen its client base, reduce the risk of litigation and provide a route to excellence in customer service.

The course tutor is Ann Johnson a highly experienced trainer and consultant. Ann believes that understanding the needs of customers with disabilities does not come from lectures or knowledge of the law, it requires an appreciation of how the law is practically applied, how people best engage with each other and an awareness of the challenges faced by customers and how they might be overcome. Ann is a very independent wheelchair user following an injury to her spinal cord in 2002.

Key training areas
  • Understanding current legislation and how to practically apply it in your organisation
  • Identify the barriers faced by people with a range of disabilities and how best to work to overcome them in your organisation
  • How to best anticipate, manage need and support customers with disabilities
  • How to improve access in an existing building, improve information and seek feedback
  • The specific learning, skills and knowledge needed to best support your customer facing staff
  • How to respond to concerns raised by customers
  • Developing a pro-active approach to achieve excellence in supporting customers with disabilities in your organisation (a tool kit will be provided for you to take back into the workplace)
This course whilst delivered by Wave-length Social Marketing is being managed and supported by our partnership with TTC Specialist Training Group you can therefore find out more information about this course, including dates, sites etc. and/or book this course and other related customer service sessions, to see more through to and then to customer services or ask at for more information.
Wave-length will also be happy to answer questions on the course content, tools or information provided within the training workshop
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