How disability has altered through the ages – James Sale

How disability has altered through the ages – James Sale

People with disabilities are treated with equality today. But this has not always been the case.

. Throughout the early centuries, particularly in the medieval times, disability was looked at as something to be ashamed of, which would seem cruel today.  Perceptions of disability did change over time but at quite a slow pace.

In Tudor times according to research, caring for disabled people was a civic duty. But in this period people with disabilities did find life a bit difficult. However they did lead a life where they could get married and have families of their own.

In the 18th and 19thcentury disability was taking a step in a new direction. More institutions were built for disabled people. People with dwarfish or a type of disfigurement were the subject of amusement and entertainment which would be classed as very harsh and politically incorrect today.  On the positive side more schools were built for deaf and blind people.

Throughout the 20th century there was a massive breakthrough in disability and equality. Disabled rights were put into place. This meant that there were a lot more disabled facilities around. People with a disability could live a lot more independently. Most people with disabilities are now able to get a lot more jobs.  In the media in terms of film, TV, comics and books, disabled characters are used and have been known to inspire people with disabilities. For example the blind comic book character Daredevil became a role model for blind people because he was confident, educated and independent.  Disabled sports were created for injured WWII veterans in order for them to become more confident about their disabilities.  Eventually disabled sports became very popular worldwide.

Overall today there has been more of an increase in the amount organisations that help people with learning difficulties, in particular to get employed. This demonstrates that society is now looking beyond a disabled person’s limitations and is beginning to focus on what a disabled person can do.