Jo Clarke – Into Employment

Jo Clarke – Into Employment

In my early 40s I had an almost complete breakdown in my physical and mental health after long years struggling to keep going.

Recovery has been slow and I have had to work hard at it. I have had some knock backs, not the least of these was being found “fit for work” when I wasn’t ready and losing my benefits as a result.

I have taken a slow route back to work through volunteering which gave me some structure in my week and built my stamina and confidence. Here I was introduced to Wave-length who were providing some valuable training in Disability Awareness and Working Together. It was more than just the training though. Ann Johnson has a knack of seeing potential in a person and I started to realise that the only things stopping me were attitudes, my own and those of others.

I decided to become a Wavelength volunteer and trainee trainer. I helped Ann design and deliver a series of workshops designed to enable those with entrenched obstacles to taking part. This was a tremendous boost to my confidence and I began to rediscover my old work head which I thought had gone forever. I have just managed to secure some self-employed work as a volunteer coordinator with a Disabled Persons’ User Led Organisation. I also continue to work with Wave-length as a trainee trainer and now as an event organiser.

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