Meniere’s Leads to Career Progression

Meniere’s Leads to Career Progression

How Meniere’s changed Tina’s life for the better

In her early 40’s Tina suffered with terrible dizziness and sickness at various times of the day and put it down to a general sickness bug.  Tina shrugged off the dizzy spells and got on with being a busy mother, working full time in a supermarket. In 2008 Tina began to suffer with blackouts and extreme dizziness. Tina noticed that she had a permanent ringing noise in her ears which seemed to increase in volume in loud and busy places.  Tina found she was unable to  hear more than one person speaking at a time.

 At the end of 2008 Tina visited the doctors concerned with her symptoms and after a series of tests was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. The disease of the inner ear which is characterised by attacks of vertigo.  Tina also had Tinnitus, an associated disorder which explained the constant ringing in her ears. Tina was told that if she felt that the sickness was too bad she could be given medication but there was little else that could be done.

Tina continued to work full time and to ensure she was able to provide the best service to her employer decided to change her job role and consequently relocated into the company’s warehouse.  This allowed her to be in an environment with less background noise.

Tina has recently re-evaluated her life and decided that she would follow her dream to work with children in a school setting.  Tina is now a Playground Supervision and loves the interaction with the children.

 Tina still suffers from occasional attacks of vertigo but has now learnt to manage these and knows the best way to alleviate the symptoms.  Tina was determined that these attacks would not stand in the way of her career progression or her enjoyment of life.

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