Obesity: Is it a disability Debate

Obesity: Is it a disability Debate

Future EU law may classify Obesity as a disability, providing protection for morbidly overweight workers who suffer discrimination at work

When: 10th December, 2014

With more and more people struggling with obesity in the UK, should we consider obesity as a disability?

Wave-length Seminar

10th December at Adelphi Care Services Ltd, Oak House, 8 The Professional Quarter, Sitka Drive, Shrewsbury Business Park, Sitka Dr, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY2 6LG

10.00am – 1.00pm – Free to attend

This seminar is aimed at Managing Directors, Business Owners, HR and Equality and Diversity Officers and will take a look at current equality issues impacting on business, debate its impact and look at solutions the new Wave-length Well might provide in helping employers

Join the debate on the 10th December – Obesity – Should it be considered a disability?

At this seminar we offer the opportunity to debate the recent talks about the possible new EU law that could classify obesity as a disability. We will debate why obesity should or shouldn’t be considered a disability and the impact this new law would have on the UK and its employers.

The Wave-length Well

So if 1 in 5 of your employees are likely to have a disability, mental health condition or long term health condition – How are you managing support for employees? Are they telling you they have a condition? Are you accessing all the grant support? Are busy managers often fearing to ask a member of their team ‘how are you?’ or avoid the question about Mental Health/stress levels and do you fully understand the positive and challenging impacts on your organisation of employing people with varying conditions?  This is where Wave-length can help you and your organisation

We will show you the value of the new Wave-length Well the information it holds and how it can save you money by having disability employment information and training resources at your fingertips.

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Or contact info@wave-length.org.uk to book onto the seminar or request more information

Thank you to Adelphi Care for hosting this event

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