Onward Man Alone

Onward Man Alone

Mother Teresa once said that loneliness was the worst disability in life


My uncle died this year, a Shropshire man who had been reasonably fit right until the end of his life spending his life in the family home.  He was a man who had fought in the Second World War and continued to work for the MOD until retirement, a hardworking man.


He never married and after nan died he remained in the house alone, he was a very likeable uncle and as he appeared to be without close contacts we seemed to spoil him at the times of giving presents.  He always seemed ok about  ‘being alone’ or was it that we never dare ask in case it opened up much deeper issues.


On clearing out his house we then came across a poem that he appears to have written as it is signed by my uncle.  A poem that probably tells much more about him, his faith, his views and the loneliness never shared with us in his lifetime, it leaves me wishing now I had asked.  So for those now wondering whether to ask more about someone, what wonders such a conversation might reveal.  Just ask I wish now I had done.


Life’s Turning      by Frederick Cotton


I walk alone along a sunlit path


With dark shadows either side


And as I walk I contemplate


What god hath me denied




He gave the wonders of the earth


For me to gaze in awe


And marvel at their beauty


Thanking him alone




I meet the lovers hand in hand


A gaily tripping by


With eyes so full of love


They pass me by, a man alone




Sea is wide, road is long, path has gone


Shred of faith trust still lingers on


But around the bend ah goal insight


Onward lonely man




Is it a mirage with hands outstretched I see


A smiling from afar oh no my step is light


And my load has gone thanking him together


We ascent to eternity