Paralympics 2012 Personal Blog James Sale

Paralympics 2012 Personal Blog James Sale

James Sale writes about the build up and the competition ot the Paralympics 2012

Ade Adepitan

Although Ade Adepitan is not competing in the 2012 Paralympics, he is fronting the live coverage of it. He is one of the main people linked closely with disabled sport. He contracted polio at a young age and this prevented him from walking, however he did not allow his disability to get in the way of achieving a lot in his life. He became a disabled basketball player for Great Britain in the 90’s. Over the past decade Ade has won a substantial amount of medals in disabled sport events across the world. Over recent weeks he has been working with a group called ATHCOM which involves people that give advice based around the Olympics and Paralympics Games 2012. Ade Adepitan has been a huge influence on people with disabilities across the globe.


Martine Wiltshire

Martine Wiltshire is a perfect example of showing that you can make the most of anything that life throws at you.  Martine Wiltshire had her legs amputated following the 7/7 bombings. Since her injuries she has been given the Hertfordshire Sportswoman of the Year Award and has taken part in many sport events in the Sitting Volleyball Team for Great Britain. She will no doubt be training regularly with her volleyball team as she prepares for the Paralympics Games 2012. She has become an inspiration for people who have suffered from life changing injuries.



Eleanor Simmonds

Eleanor Simmonds has become one of Great Britain’s best Paralympics swimmers. Eleanor Simmonds was born with achondroplasia which is a condition that restricts an individual’s height. She has won bronze, silver and gold medals for Freestyle, Butterfly and Individual Medley swimming in the Paralympics World Cup and other events like the British international Disability Swimming Championships. She is to date the youngest person to have been given the MBE. At 17 years of age   she has already achieved a lot in her life. Eleanor is yet another person to inspire others who have the same condition. Like most athletes this week she is training with her team for the Paralympics Games 2012.     


 Jon-Allan Butterworth

Jon Butterworth is one of the Great British athletes who has achieved a lot for his country in and out of the sporting world. He has served in Iraq as a weapons technician, but suffered an injury during a rocket attack on Basra Air Station which resulted in his left arm being amputated. Despite this he has achieved a great deal in his cycling career. For example in 2011 he broke the World record in the C5 World Championships. This got Jon a gold medal and recognition for his enthusiasm and level of commitment to cycling.  Jon has been recently filming TV adverts for the Paralympics. He has been in Spain on a training camp with other members of his team. Jon is an inspiration to soldiers who have suffered from life changing injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan.








Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius is a South African Paralympics athlete. Oscar has congenital absence of the fibula in both of his legs and had them amputated. However he has gained a reputation as the fastest runner in the world with no legs.  Oscar has won mainly gold medals in the events which he has taken part in.  He has become a big inspiration for people who have disabilities. He is now training with his country for the Paralympics Games 2012.

Paralympics event news report

All these competitors are inspirations in their own right.  However, Ade Adepitan is a person who I will keep track of despite the fact that he is not actually part of the Paralympics events but he has done a lot for the disability sport by boosting its popularity. Therefore, Ade Adepitan truly deserves all the credit and respect and credit he gets from people across different areas of the world.   

I will be watching the Paralympics as often as possible. Not just to support my Country but because I find it inspiring in so many different ways. It gives me confidence that despite having a disability you can achieve a wide range of things.

The greatest thing about the Paralympics is that people with any disability can take part in a specific sport whether they have mobility problems, blind, deaf, restricted height, artificial limbs or learning difficulties. Therefore there is a sport that suits every disability.

 Eleanor Simmonds is one of the athletes of Great Britain who has major achievements in the swimming events. A considerable amount of people have been following Eleanor over the past few years which has accounted for her positive reputation.

Other athletes such as Martine Wiltshire and Jon- Allan Butterworth are people with disabilities who have obtained them in unfortunate circumstances and have therefore had to adapt their lives. Its people like Martine and Jon who have shown that you can still have a full active life no matter what has occurred.  

Whether or not Great Britain wins the Paralympics is uncertain. But it will prove to be quite a great event no matter what the outcome.  The key thing for everybody whether they are participating or being part of the audience is to enjoy it. 

Daily Blog for the Paralympics

 9th July 2012

Not long until the Paralympics starts up. All sports related ads are marketing both the Olympics and Paralympics Games 2012.  People are clearly trying to get more physically fit and healthier. Odd to think that it may stop when the games come to an end. Better make the most of it.

Ade Adepitan is getting all prepared for hosting the live coverage and is most likely helping to give new wheelchair basketball athletes advice and tips on how to improve on their skills ready for the actual games. Hopefully he can get them skilled enough for Great Britain to win some gold medals. The more we get the better we will do as a country.

12th July 2012

Paralympics star Rachel Morris was injured in a road accident. However she is still training for the Paralympics Games 2012.

 Former European Paralympics star Marc Woods has had a train named after him which will run between Ebbsfleet International and St Pancras during the Olympic and Paralympics Games 2012. He has described this as truly an honour. Today the officials have moved into the Olympics and Paralympics village. I wonder if they will test out the equipment throughout the stadium to ensure everything is working correctly.         

  13th July 2012

Great Britain will be playing Australia in a Wheelchair Rugby Test match. Come on England! The British athletics team are hoping for Gold medals. It is hoped that three members of the Great British team will win six medals between them. Talk about competition!

16th July 2012

Steve Brown, captain of the wheelchair rugby team for Great Britain has spoken about how the sport saved his life following major spinal injuries that he suffered.  He mentioned that the sport has given him confidence and made him come to terms with his injuries. His motivation has helped other people who have been in the same situation as himself.

The USA Paralympics Rugby team are aiming for gold medals. Strange I thought it was the same for all the teams including Great Britain, but Rachel Morris has stated that her injured shoulder has dampened her confidence for getting a medal for the Great British team.

Paralympics star Dave Roberts who has won a gold medal eleven times in the past will not be competing in the Paralympics 2012 despite trying to make an appeal in order to get in the Great British team after he failed to win a swimming race a few weeks ago. However it is rumoured that he could be joining the Swedish team instead. Gabi Down who is 14 years old will be in the British Wheelchair Fencing team.  This goes to show you that age does not matter.

17th July 2012

Channel 4 will be running their biggest marketing push with the Paralympics Games. There will be coverage of the Paralympics on 78 channels.

Ade Adepitan has confirmed that he will be carrying the torch across the Millennium Bridge at 10:03 a: m on Thursday 26th July 2012. Jon- Allan Butterworth also recently took part in the Olympic torch relay at Prestwich which took place on the 23rd June 2012.

 On the MBLOGS website today it said that for anybody in the Olympics or Paralympics they will be making history which is a privilege.

18th July 2012

Channel 4 has today launched a Paralympics advert which can be seen on The Telegraph website. Wheelchair Tennis star Joel Dembe will represent Canada in the Paralympics Games 2012.     

19th July 2012

Channel 4’s Paralympics sport players documentary called Superhumans according to an article in the Independent should help boost awareness and popularity in Paralympics sport. The London Paralympics will feature a record breaking number of athletes. This shows how successful Paralympics sports have become.

Some of the athletes will not be bringing their own doctors to the Olympic or Paralympics due to issues with the distance between their home country and London. Some people have believe it or not already been blown away by how good the Superhumans documentary trailer is.  It makes use of shocking images as well as uplifting ones such as people working as a team.

Swimmer Chloe Davis is enjoying the build up to the Paralympics 2012. According to an article in The Telegraph the playground to podium initiative helps disabled school children progress in sport to high level performance and competition. Amy Marren who is 13 years old from Essex will be the youngest swimmer on the Great British team in the Paralympics Games 2012. 

20th July 2012

Channel 4’s Paralympics Games trailer has been remarked upon as a Superhuman effort. It’s amazing that a trailer can get so much recognition from the public! The Olympic flag is set to be raised above Number 10 Downing Street. Great location to put the flag!

Paralympics gold medallist Jo Rout has stated that she was proud to carry the Olympic torch through Crowborough yesterday. Paralympics quartet will put their skills to the test at this year’s Paralympics Games.

 According to an article in The Telegraph Paralympics star Oscar Pistorius is set to probably become one of the most talked about athletes in the Paralympics Games 2012. This is because of him being known as the fastest runner in the world without any legs.  Police Officer Fiona Duncan will pilot a tandem bike in the road and track cycling events for blind athlete Lora Turnham of the Great British team in the Paralympics Games 2012.

21st July 2012

Paralympics star Jonnie Peacock of Great Britain could stand a chance at becoming the next fastest amputee on the planet after finishing a race in 10.85 seconds. Jamie Peacock broke the record by 0.06 seconds. Could he really beat Oscar Pistorius at this year’s Paralympics Games?  We will defiantly need to keep our fingers crossed for him. Come on Jonnie Peacock! England is cheering you on to success!

An article in The Guardian has mentioned that the Paralympics Games always surprise with the impact they make and the distinctive memories they leave behind. Yet another fantastic positive view on Paralympics Sports! This is exactly what we want to hear!  

Oscar Pistorius, who is competing in both the Olympic and Paralympics 2012, has stated that putting on his legs is like putting on pair of shoes.  Oscar is also hoping that by competing in the Olympic Games it may give him the opportunity to alter people’s perceptions on disability.  Let’s hope that he can accomplish that target. If he does Oscar Pistorius will go down in history.

 Jamie Burdekin has beat world number one David Wagner in order to reach the final of the British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships.

The Great British Paralympics team is set to top its amount of medals in this year’s Paralympics Games. In Beijing they got more than 100 medals. Let’s hope they get more in London. It would look great for our country!  

22nd July 2012

Paralympics star Stephen Miller has said that winning his third European Club title and qualifying for the fifth time in the Paralympics Games is great but it is just the beginning. Paralympics star David Wetherill has stated that he focuses on his form and not getting a medal at the Paralympics Games.   

7th August 2012

Due to Team GB’s surprising success at the in London 2012, tickets for the Paralympics Games 2012 are selling very fast. Nearly 1.5 million tickets have already been sold.

Scottish blind sprinter Libby Clegg of the Great British team has commented that if she gets a gold medal in the Paralympics 2012 it would be a dream come true for her.

 British Wheelchair Racer Jamie Carter who is 17 years old was born with cerebral palsy and has been given a place in the Great British team four years early. His original target was to get a place in Great British Team in 2016 Paralympics Games which will take place in Brazil. However due to his massive progression within the past 12 months, Jamie has been given a place in the Great British Team at this year’s Paralympics in London.

 Paralympian Lee Pearson has launched a limited edition medallion to support the Great British team in both the Olympics and Paralympics Games 2012.

USA has announced 227 athletes for the Paralympics Games 2012.

 The Passion for the Paralympics Travelling Exhibition is currently at the Westfield London shopping centre.

8th August 2012

Individual stamps featuring every gold medallist Paralympians will be available when the Paralympics Games 2012 end on 9th September.

Sponsors are planning a big marketing campaign to ensure that awareness is spread about the Paralympics Games 2012. This is because sponsors want to ensure that the Paralympics team of Great Britain maintain the same level of excitement that the Olympics team have been doing recently.

Paralympian Mark Colbourne has commented that he is doing the Paralympics in memory of his late father.  British Wheelchair tennis star Jamie Burdekin will be appearing in Best of British tonight on Channel 4.  

9th August 2012

It has been confirmed today that 2.1 million tickets for the London Paralympics Games 2012 have been sold.  This has topped the total being sold in Beijing which was 1.8 million tickets. This is due to the impact the Olympics Games is having on the public.

The Royal Mail has defended the decision to deny Paralympics gold medallist their own stamps. This has caused public outcry online because members of the Olympics Great British team, who have won gold medals, have been allowed to have individual stamps. Because of this people are wondering why the Paralympics Great British team have been denied them.   

 Last night Paralympics Cyclist Simon Richardson, who won a silver medal in Beijing was injured after being hit by a drunk driver. However it is not yet known as to whether his injuries will prevent him from taking part in the Paralympics Games 2012.  The jury is considering its verdict of the person who knocked over Simon Richardson.   

There have been two new additions to the Paralympics Great British team. They are Crystal Lane and Matthew Ellis. Crystal Lane is part of the British Cycling team while Matthew Ellis is going to be a member of the British Football 7-a team.

Cathal Miller, who is an Irish Paralympics Cyclist, has been confirmed as Ireland’s flag bearer for the Paralympics Opening Ceremony.  Cathal Miller will be taking part in many Cycling events. These are the 1KM time trial, the 4km individual pursuit, the road time trail and the road race.  He has described his selection as flag bearer for Ireland as a huge honour for himself, his country and his supporters. Former Paralympics star Tanni Grey Thompson is set to be one of the hosts of commentators to be heard on BBC Radio Five Live during the Paralympics Games 2012.  

 Today I have watched the Controversial Paralympics Games trailer. I think it is a powerful way to market the event due to its powerful use of images and how it brings out what the event is about.

10th August 2012

It has been revealed today that every member of the Great British team to win a gold medal will have a post box painted gold in their home town. The Paralympics Great British team are now set to receive individual stamps after the Paralympics Games 2012.

 Jordanne Whiley, who is a member of Britain’s female wheelchair tennis team, is hoping to win a medal in this year’s Paralympics Games 2012. At the moment she is Britain’s second ranked female wheelchair tennis player and is ranked as twelfth in the world. 

It has been confirmed today that the website will feature 780 hours of coverage during the Paralympics Games 2012.

The drunk driver who knocked over Paralympics star Simon Richardson has been found guilty. However Simon Richardson will not be able to compete in this year’s Paralympics Games due to his injuries. But he hopes to be able to take part in the next Paralympics Games which will be in Brazil 2016.

The Jamaican Paralympics team is heading for the London Games. They have been boosted by the amount of medals that their country has won in the Olympic Games.

Australian Paralympics star Liesl Tesch has said that would not want to be competing in front of a home crowd. This is due to the pressures and expectations that an athlete can get from their home country. It is understandable because the Paralympics team of Great Britain will get a lot of pressure due to how well the Olympics team is doing at the moment.

Polish Paralympics table tennis Star Natalia Partyka, who is the second athlete to be taking in both the Olympic and Paralympics Games, says that her experience at the Olympic Games should benefit her in the Paralympics. She was born without a right forearm. She has stated that a disability is nothing. From her point of view she is playing the same lines as others and doing the same exercises. She is pleased to be an inspiration to others in future events in years to come.

Female wheelchair tennis star Esther Vergeer has won the British Open title for the twelfth time. She is currently ranked as the number one female tennis star in the world. She has not lost any of her 465 matches. What a record to have!        

13th August 2012

The Olympic Games 2012 has now finished. Great Britain has come third on the table with a total of 65 medals over all! Will the Paralympics team of Great Britain do any better in two weeks time? We will have to keep our fingers crossed.  

An article in The Guardian has mentioned that with disability hate crimes increase the Paralympics Games 2012 should show people that difference and diversity should be celebrated and not targeted in any bullying way. The reason for this statement is because disability hate crimes in the UK have surprisingly doubled since 2008 which is appalling and embarrassing considering that London is hosting this year’s Paralympics Games. However the government thinks that this figure has doubled due to some people receiving or claiming benefits dishonestly which has been happening quite frequently over the past few years. Hopefully the Paralympics Games 2012 should decrease the amount of disability crimes in the UK.

It has been announced that at some point within the next few weeks both the Olympics and Paralympics team of Great Britain will get a parade to celebrate their efforts despite that the Paralympics GB team has yet to start getting some medals. This has been decided due to how well Great Britain has done within the last few weeks in the Olympic Games.  The planned date for the parade is 10th September, the day after the Paralympics Games is done. Good timing!

The Paralympics apparently according to a sports article should make people realise what some Paralympics athletes have to overcome every day. This is because these athletes have had to come to terms with a disability. These athletes can be born disabled; they could have been made disabled due to an accident or by losing a limb while serving for their home country in Iraq for example.

Transport chiefs have warned that due to record Paralympics tickets sell out, a traffic gridlock could occur. In relation to this the Games lanes on the A30 in Surrey are to be reopened before the Paralympics instead of remaining in force as originally planned. This is because it will reduce the impact for road users. However the Games lanes will be closed again on the 27th August till the 6th September. 

The Paralympics team of Australia are hoping to be in the top five on the medal table in this year’s Paralympics Games. Australia was apparently disappointed at coming tenth on the Olympics table recently in London 2012. Australia’s Paralympics team has a good record. This is because they have come in the top five on the medal table in the past four Paralympics Games events that have taken place.

 Ade Adepitan was very impressed with the USA’s London 2012 basketball team for beating Spain yesterday on the final day of the Olympic Games. He is hoping that Paralympics basketball team of Great Britain do well in a few weeks time. Come on Great Britain do us all proud!

 There are apparently still some Paralympics tickets available. The tickets remaining are for athletics, swimming and wheelchair fencing. However they are selling quickly which is not surprising due to the record breaking sales of tickets that have happened within the last few weeks.

Elsewhere organisers are already preparing for the Paralympics Games 2012. Dozens of flags, banners and venues will be altered. Former Paralympics star Chris Holmes joked that all it relies on is getting tens of thousands of details right before the Paralympics Games start.  

The Paralympics Committee is confident that this year’s Paralympics Games will be a huge success due to the record breaking amount of tickets that have been sold. In the past there have been a large number of empty seats.  This time with a bit of luck every seat should be filled. Reports have said that this year’s Paralympics Games should be the biggest and most successful one to date. There are probably a lot of people who believe that comment. 

15th August 2012

Tim Hollingsworth, who is the head of the disabled sports movement, has mentioned that the Paralympics Games 2012 has the public more excited than he ever dreamed it would. He also went on to say that the recent London Olympics Games has given the potential for the Paralympics to be pushed to a new level.  This is because how the public is already reacting to the Paralympics and the record breaking amount tickets that have been sold clearly demonstrates this.

 Some articles have stated that the Paralympics may be finally coming of age. This is an odd statement to make considering that the Olympics Games has been going on for even longer in comparison to the Paralympics Games. Canadian Wheelchair Basketball star Tracey Ferguson commented that the Paralympics never gets old and that it gets more exciting every time.

Dame Tanni Grey Thompson has predicted that the Paralympics team of Great Britain should be able to come in the top three on the medal table in this year’s Paralympics Games. Great Britain recently came third in the Olympic Games so there is no reason why our Paralympics team can equal that or even do better. But would predictions this add too much pressure on our team? But other people have added that it maybe impossible to beat China who came second in the Olympic Games. We can only hope that we can beat them. Dame Tanni Grey Thompson has also described the record breaking ticket sales for this year’s Paralympics Games as a dream come true.

 There are apparently 400,000 tickets still available for the Paralympics Games, despite the fact that a record breaking 2.1 million tickets have been sold. However tickets are selling at a very fast rate. So if you want to see the Paralympics Games you better hurry and get your ticket as soon as possible.

In America the broadcast centre NBC will give several one hour slots of live coverage of the Paralympics Games. P&G has been announced as the title sponsor of the Paralympics Ball. The Paralympics Ball is going to be a glamorous black tie to raise funds for the IPC’s Agitos Foundation. The will take place on 5th September. Elsewhere Canada has announced 145 athletes for this year’s Paralympics Games.  

In other news it has been revealed how the Paralympics torch will be lit. Firstly next Wednesday groups of disabled and non disabled scouts will climb the highest peaks in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to create four national flames.  After that they will strike a ferrocerium rod against a rough steel surface to create the sparks that will light the flame. It will then be taken to a respectable capital of each nation where a day of Paralympics celebrations will take place. Thirdly each flame will be taken to Stoke Mandeville where a special ceremony will occur. At this ceremony they will make what is known as the Paralympics flame. Then finally a 24 hour overnight relay which will involve sixteen teams of five torchbearers will carry the torch to the opening ceremony on Wednesday the 29th August.  It has been stated that the Paralympics relay will demonstrate courage, determination, inspiration and equality which is what a Paralympics sports star shows everyday to the world.        

Disability rights pioneer Lord Alf Morris who died yesterday at the age of 84 will be remembered at this year’s Paralympics Games for helping people with disabilities. His work in previous years has helped the Chronically Sick and Disabled Person’s Act to come into motion.  

  16h August 2012

It turns out that the Don’t Stop Me Now video featuring Great Britain’s Olympics athlete was inspired by an idea which was originally planned for the Paralympics team of Great Britain.

Tonight airing on BBC2 at 9PM there will be a film called the Best of Men. This film will show how the origins of the Paralympics Games. It is expected to be both amazing and inspiring.

 The Royal Mail has now confirmed that the Paralympics team will receive individual stamps within five working days of them winning a gold medal for their country. Originally the Paralympics team was not going to get individual stamps until the Paralympics Games had finished. But due to the uproar that caused the Royal Mail has decided to give the stamps to gold medallists of the Paralympics within five working days of them getting a gold medal.    

The organisers of the Paralympics have put an extra 200,000 on the website. This is again due to the hype and excitement over the Paralympics Games. These extra tickets are for events such as athletics, swimming and wheelchair rugby. 

 A women in a wheelchair who brought a couple of tickets for the Paralympics Games has launched a campaign after she was told that she would not be allowed to sit by  all her family when she watches the events. She has described this situation as annoying and discriminating against disabled people.   

Elsewhere an article has mentioned that there have been a record breaking number of females taking part in the Paralympics Games over the past 20 years.

 In New Zealand Sky Sports is set to her the coverage of the Paralympics Games.  Football star David Beckham has appeared with Paralympics athletes in a Sainsbury’s sponsorship advert for the Paralympics Games 2012. Wheelchair rugby star Andy Barrow has described the Paralympics as a wonderful advert for humanity.

17th August 2012

The Paralympics team of Great Britain have been given a target of finishing second on the table with at least 103 medals.  This might add a little too much pressure on our home team but it may give them something to aim for.

The Irish Paralympics team are setting their sights high in this year’s Paralympics Games. They want to bring back as many medals as possible.

Newspaper articles have stated that with the Paralympics Games vastly approaching it is absolutely clear that London 2012 is not over.  With all the hype and excitement over the Paralympics Games it is certain that it is not. Come on England! Make us all proud!

Some Paralympics teams have had a reception in Wales. This reception took place yesterday at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. At this reception the Paralympics Games was described as a truly inspirational event where athletes overcome huge adversity.

Elsewhere after an uproar yesterday disabled parents have been told that they will be able to sit by their families at the Paralympics Games events.

Khamis Zaqout, who is from Gaza, is Palestine’s hope for a medal in this year’s Paralympics Games.  He will be taking part in events such as Shot Put, Discus and Javelin. He lost the use of his legs when he was working on a building site in Israel twenty years ago.

Much to everybody’s surprise more Paralympics Games tickets have been sold. Now the total of sold tickets has gone to 2.2 million overall with more expected to be brought within the next few weeks.

I have watched the Paralympics film Best of Men on BBC IPlayer. It was well made. This film clearly demonstrated what the Paralympics Games is about. It was fascinating how just one man could influence a whole group of people to never give up on life. In other words this man gave them something to live for and that is truly inspirational to others and future Paralympics athletes.

18th August 2012

The Paralympics team of Great Britain are aiming to get 1st or 2nd place on the medal table at this year’s Paralympics Games.

The Paralympics symbol known as the Agitos has replaced the Olympic rings outside Cardiff city hall. The Paralympics Games is getting closer than ever.  Sainsbury’s have said that they are proud to be sponsoring the Paralympics Games 2012.

Despite not getting into this year’s Paralympics Irish athlete Jason Smyth is already getting prepared for the next Paralympics in Rio in 2016 which he hopes to qualify for.    

20th August 2012

Swansea’s Paralympics swimming team are hoping to do very well at this year’s Paralympics Games. The Paralympics swimming team of Swansea did really well in the last Paralympics Games and they are hoping to do even better this year.

Tom Aggar who is one of the athletes who is representing Great Britain in the rowing events has spoken his history of grit and triumph to get to where he is now. Tom Aggar became paralyzed from the waist down after falling 12 feet on to concrete drive back in 2005. Since then he has won a gold medal in the inaugural rowing events in the previous Paralympics Games.

 The sitting volleyball team of Germany are hoping that their level of discipline and will get them a place in the London 2012 Sitting Volleyball competition. 

For the first time in 12 years intellectual impaired athletes will be taking part in this year’s Paralympics Games. Athletes with this type of disability were refused entry in the previous two Paralympics Games. This is because reports came out that some of the athletes who claimed to have a intellectual disability actually did not have a disability at all. So far there will be 120 athletes with intellectual disabilities taking in the upcoming Paralympics Games in London.

 This year’s Paralympics Games is still said to be the best one yet to be shown. With 2.2 million tickets been brought already there will defiantly be a large number of people cheering for their home country.

 Elsewhere Karen Darke who is 41 will be competing in the road cycling at this year’s Paralympics Games using a hand cycle. She was paralyzed from the chest down during a cliff climbing accident when she was in her early 20’s. Today the Paralympics Games flag was raised outside in Downing Street.

 Channel 4 has invested a reported £600,000 in training TV presenters with disabilities and Paralympics sporting experience to work alongside experienced anchors such as Clare Balding when the Paralympics Games 2012 starts next week.

 Derek Derenalagi who is representing Great Britain in the Paralympics wants to be nicknamed the Titanium Brit. He suffered injuries in Afghanistan which means he has to use artificial legs. He will be taking part in the discus event.  

21st August 2012

There has been concern that the Paralympics Games will affect methods of transportation such train stations and airports. A similar situation happened recently when the Olympics started a few weeks ago. However the government has said that the country should be able to cope with transportation while the Paralympics is on.

Everyone is apparently looking forward to the Paralympics which starts next week. With this in mind some newspaper and website sources have been explaining each sport in detail. This includes explaining what the facts and rules are for each sport.

The website YouTube has been the one website to take full advantage of having a video montage of every sport which will be shown at this year’s Paralympics Games. YouTube has therefore been a key tool in marketing the Paralympics Games 2012 in the way that it has demonstrated how fascinating and interesting each disabled sport is to play with group of people.

David Cameron has wished the Paralympics team of Great Britain good luck for this year’s Paralympics Games.

Elsewhere Paralympics Games officials are arriving in the Athletes village on the Olympic Park. Players in the Paralympics Great Britain 5- a-side football team are hoping that this year’s Paralympics Games will raise awareness and interest in Paralympics football. The teams dream is to have a full time team. Depending on the success of the Paralympics Games 2012 that dream might actually happen.

People in Lincolnshire have been invited to take part in the Egyptian Paralympics team as they do Pre-Games training camp. So far fifty people from Lincolnshire have joined them. Apparently the Egyptian Paralympics team will stay in Lincolnshire until the 24th August. From there the team will go to London to prepare for the Paralympics Games 2012. 

Eva Loeffler has been chosen to be mayor of the Paralympics village.  She is the daughter of Ludwig Guttmann who was the founder of the Paralympics Games. Everybody is delighted that is has been chosen for the role.  It is her right to have the role because of her family’s involvement with Paralympics sports.  Without Eva’s family the Paralympics Games would probably not exist. 

TV presenter Jon Snow will host the Paralympics Ball which will take place on 5th September. British Paralympics star Will Bayley, who is 24 years of age wants to re-establish himself as the table tennis number. He was born with Arthrogryposis which is a condition which affects all four of his limbs.

 Britain became first team to register with the games organisers for this year’s Paralympics Games 2012. The Paralympics sprint team of Great Britain has been confirmed. Darren Kenny, Rik Waddon and Jon Allan Butterworth will defend the team sprint title. 

Over forty athletes of Great Britain’s Paralympics team are in the Preparation Camp which at the University of Bath. More teams from around the world are expected to join them in the next few days. The Paralympics torch is going to be lit at some point today. Now we defiantly know that the Paralympics Games is just around the corner. The Paralympics swimming team of Great Britain is practising for the Paralympics Games 2012.   

22nd August 2012

The Paralympics flame has been lit on Snowdon by scouts from Gwynedd. Another Paralympics flame has been lit at the top of Slieve Donard in Northern Ireland. With these flames now lit the countdown to the Paralympics Games 2012 has begun. Precede with the countdown everybody!  

Paralympics Competitors are coming in to England ready for the Paralympics Games 2012. Britain’s own Paralympics star Libby Clegg is hoping for sprinting success in this year’s Paralympics Games. She visually impaired and has to use a guide runner when competing with other people.

 Eleanor Simmonds, who is a Paralympics swimmer for Great Britain, has been inspired by the home country support and therefore is feeling very confident about this year’s Paralympics Games.  She has previously won three gold medals at the last Paralympics Games in Beijing when she was only 13 years of age. She is one of Great Britain’s Paralympics swimmers who is expected to achieve a lot in the Paralympics Games 2012. Whatever medal Eleanor Simmonds gets she will do her country proud.

 British Wheelchair Basketball star Amy Conroy, who will be making her debut at this year’s Paralympics Games, has said she is excited and felt that the Paralympics Games will be a once in a lifetime experience. Great Britain’s Di Coates, who is part of the shooting team, is hoping for success in this year’s Paralympics Games. She has won gold, silver and bronze medals in previous Paralympics events. She is hoping to see something new in this year’s Paralympics Games.

 Elsewhere the Paralympics team of Haitian has arrived in the UK today to start preparing for the Paralympics Games. Their team only has two athletes. Despite this however they are hoping that this year’s Paralympics Games will help to expand their country’s Paralympics programme for future generations.  

The Ottobock crew is setting up Paralympics equipment and alterations for the events at the Olympic stadium. In relation to this news, with the Paralympics Games starting next week, the transformation from Olympics to Paralympics arrangements is nearly complete according to LOCOG.

 Australian Paralympics star Greg Smith has been announced as the flag bearer for his country. He commented that he is absolutely thrilled by this honour and is proud to be an Australian Paralympics star. He also mentioned that leading his country in the opening ceremony will be one of his personal main highlights of this year’s Paralympics Games.

 Ade Adepitan says that tickets for a Paralympics Wheelchair Basketball which takes place on 5th September are currently available. The tickets cost £15. The Paralympics symbol known as the Agitos has been put up on Tower Bridge.  Three men from the Jordanian Paralympics team have been charged over a claim of sexual assault against a woman. They will appear before Coleraine Magistrates Court at some point today.  As of this lunchtime all four Paralympics torches have been lit. Preparations and alterations with venues are still being made for the Paralympics Games 2012.

23rd August 2012

As of yesterday all four Paralympics torches have been lit on all four British mountains ahead of torch relay.

Jason Smyth says he is looking forward to be defending his two T13 sprinting titles in this year’s Paralympics Games. Jason, who is visually impaired, was also supposed to take part in this year’s Olympics Games a few weeks ago but failed to qualify. 

A new poll has stated that the British public are more excited about the Paralympics Games then what they were about the Olympics Games. With the powerful marketing behind the Paralympics Games this hardly comes as a shock. Let’s not forget that the Paralympics Games also has a stronger and deeper message.  On top of that the public’s excitement over the Paralympics has been demonstrated by the record breaking number of tickets that have sold out for some of the events.

Despite the record number of tickets that have been brought there are apparently thousands more tickets that are still on sale. At this moment there are 40,000 tickets that need to get purchased. There have been articles that have said some Paralympics athletes may purposely break a toe or hurt themselves another way to perform better.

Apparently small broken bone injuries such as these increase blood pressure and therefore can enhance a Paralympics star’s performance.  This technique is called boosting. But don’t get too cross by this because the technique is banned by the International Paralympics Committee as it is seen as a form of cheating.  

Elsewhere the Paralympics and Olympics Games has unsurprisingly delivered an outdoor advertising boost in the UK.  Former boxer Michael Watson will be a torchbearer in the Paralympics relay. South African Paralympics swimmer Achmat Hassiem, who lost a leg in a shark attack, is hoping for a Paralympics medal in London this year.

 Spanish Paralympics star Teresa Perales, a six time gold medallist, has been picked as the flag bearer for Spain at the Paralympics Games Opening Ceremony.  She described the announcement as truly an honour and that for her Paralympics Games 2012 could not begin any better. She will be taking part in the swimming events at this year’s Paralympics Games.

The three members of Jordanian team have been properly pulled out of this year’s Paralympics due sex offences claims against women and children. The three Paralympics stars were due to compete in the power lifting events at this year’s Paralympics Games.  The Jordanian embassy in the UK released a statement saying that they were sorry that incidents had occurred.

 People who are related to Paralympics of the past have been writing on Ade Adepitan’s website stating what events their relatives did in previous Paralympics Games events.

This year’s Paralympics Games will mark the debut of the Rwandan sitting volleyball team. The team was set up by two disabled athletes who both lost limbs fighting on opposite sides during the Hutu and Tutsi war in the 1990’s. It is good to see that two people have put their differences aside to do something beneficial without any issues.

More athletes have arrived at the Great Britain’s Paralympics preparation camp. Great Britain’s Paralympics swimming team are making their final preparations for the Paralympics Games. In relation to this news, Great Britain’s Paralympics rowers are also in their final stages of preparations before they head off to the Paralympics stadium.

 Former Paralympics star has praised the Olympics for being very accessible for people with disabilities. She even commented that it is the most accessible friendly Olympics Park she has ever been to. An article has been put on the internet saying who is who in Great Britain’s Wheelchair Basketball team.  Great Britain’s Men’s Wheelchair Basketball team won a bronze medal at the last Paralympics Games in Beijing. This year they are hoping to get either a gold or silver medal.  Trafalgar Square is preparing for the lighting of the Paralympics cauldron in the London torch relay.   

24th August 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the Paralympics Games can Britain even prouder. He also commented that it can bring everyone together to enjoy the celebrations.

Sir Phillip Craven, who is the president of the international Paralympics Committee, has stated that success at the Paralympics is down to how wealthy a country is. From his point of view it is down to how experienced a country is at Paralympics sport that gives them the success it gets.  He also said that this year’s Paralympics Games will be the biggest one to date.  At this moment in time The US, Britain and Germany are the most successful countries at competing in Paralympics Sport events. Could we see any alterations to this being made at London this year? 

Rower Tom Aggar, who is a member of the Great Britain team, has said that it is not certain that he will get a gold medal but he will do his best. The chances of him getting a silver or bronze medal are probably quite for him and his team to achieve. Let’s be honest whichever medal he gets he will do our country proud.  

The Paralympics cauldron has been lit in Trafalgar Square. The person who lit the cauldron was Claire Lomas who had become paralysed in a horse riding accident. This event was attended by Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor Bois Johnson and Seb Cole who is the Chairman of London 2012.

 An extra 140,000 Paralympics tickets, which only went on sale on Wednesday, have sold out in a matter of hours.  Now more than 2.3 million tickets out of 2.5 million have been sold. It is fantastic to see that the public are taking such an interest in the Paralympics Games 2012. The Paralympics athletes will defiantly receive a lot of support in London this year.

Nikia Tvauri and Shota Omarashvili, who are the only Paralympics athletes representing Georgia in this year’s Paralympics Games, are hoping to inspire other disabled people in their country and get them interested in Paralympics sport.  To date Georgia has a very poor track record at the Paralympics Games. They only started taking part in Paralympics Sports at Beijing back in 2008.

 According to an article there are 5 events at this year’s Paralympics that you cannot afford to miss. They are The Men’s 100m T44 Final, The Women’s Wheelchair Tennis Singles Final, The Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Final, The Men’s   5,000m T54 Final and The Closing Ceremony.

Eton Dorney has put its Paralympics travel plans in place. Apparently organisers of the London 2012 Paralympics events at Eton Dorney Lake are expecting 10,000 people a day will visit the area when the events take place.  

Elsewhere an article today has said that the first Paralympics Games in 1960 which took place in Rome was very different in comparison to how this year’s Paralympics Games will be done. Apparently back then the athletes were carried by soldiers to and from the athlete’s village. There were also no score keeping when events such as archery took place. This article shows how far the Paralympics Games has involved from when it first started.

It has been revealed today that the number of police officers dealing with security in the Paralympics will be reduced to about a third of what there were during the Olympics Games a few weeks ago.

This year’s Paralympics Games will mark the debut of Great Britain’s Women’s Wheelchair Basketball star Judith Hamer who is from Exeter. She was born with a condition that made her one of legs look longer than the other.  In 2006 she decided to have her right leg amputated. She is really looking forward to this year’s Paralympics Games in London.  

In other news Craig Hunter has said that the success of the Olympics Games should inspire our Paralympics athletes. BBC Radio 5 Live has announced its Paralympics line up. This will include Paralympics sports icons such as Dame Tanni- Grey Thompson, Mark Bristow, Caroline Matthews, Alan Ash and many more. Great Britain’s Paralympics Judo team entered their final preparation training event.  Great Britain’s Paralympics cycling team have been entertaining crowds of people as they did circuit training session yesterday afternoon.

 Ade Adepitan has said that he is so happy that Tracey Hinton is the captain of Britain’s Women’s Basketball team because she has inspired many of her team. Organisers of the Paralympics Games have said that spectators should arrive early to avoid the rush after the unsurprising demand for Paralympics tickets from the public. An article has stated that the Paralympics Games should fill the UK with pride and joy. With all the hype and enthusiasm it definitely will do this without any doubt whatsoever.                 

27th August 2012

The Paralympics Committee president Philip Craven has demanded that the word disabled should be dropped from any Paralympics coverage. People are hoping for the best Paralympics Games in London this year. The Paralympics Games are set to take off.

 Lee Pearson who is a Para-equestrian for the Great British is determined to complete his milestone of getting 12 gold medals in the Paralympics Games. He even said if he fails to achieve this target in London, he will try to accomplish it in the 2016 Paralympics Games at Rio.  

The Paralympics cauldron has been lit in Edinburgh. In relation to this the Paralympics cauldron has also been lit in Northern Ireland. Just three hours ago the last Paralympics cauldron was lit in Cardiff by Paralympics star Simon Richardson.

The Paralympics Games is set to open up business opportunities.  A concert in Belfast was held yesterday to celebrate the coming of the Paralympics Games 2012 which will start on Wednesday.

The organisers of the Paralympics Games have been accused of discrimination after it was found that wheelchair users had to book tickets using a business rate phone number.

  In other news another 70,000 tickets for Paralympics Games have gone on sale. To date 2.3 million tickets have been sold out of 2.5 million which is record breaking.

 British Swimmer Hannah Russell has said that she was shocked that she made the British Paralympics swimming team at only 16 years of age. Tracy Hinton and Stephen Millar have been named as the captains of Great Britain’s Men’s and Women’s Paralympics’ athletics team.

Peter Norfolk, who plays wheelchair tennis for Great Britain, has been selected as the flag bearer for Great Britain at the Paralympics opening ceremony on Wednesday. He commented that he was blown away and surprised at the announcement.  He also stated it was a great honour to be selected.

 Quite a lot of Paralympics stars on Thursday will be inducted into the Visa Paralympics Hall of Fame this Thursday. Athletes include Chris Holmes, Trischa Zorn, Louise Sauvage and Roberto Marson.  Apparently these athletes above have won 100 medals between them.

 Mateja Pintar has been selected as the flag bearer for Slovenia in the Paralympics opening ceremony. She said she is very excited by the announcement. 

According to an article 5 Paralympics stars to watch in this year’s Paralympics Games are Trischa Zorn, Chantal Peticlerc, Jonas Jacobsson, Beatrice Hess, and Franz Nietlispach. Setanta Sports is to air 73 hours worth of coverage to do with London 2012.

 Great Britain’s Women’s Basketball team have lost to USA in a Pre-Paralympics warm up match. But they have said that losing has given them more of a confidence boost to do better in the actual Paralympics Games.

Jon Pollock and Terry Bywater, who are two of Great Britain’s most experienced Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Players are preparing for the Paralympics Games 2012. The head of the Paralympics movement has said just how important success is for Britain’s competitors at this year’s Paralympics Games.

Britain’s archery coach has set his team a target to get 3 or 5 medals at the London Paralympics Games. Nathan Milgate and Matt Skelhon, who are two of Great Britain’s top male shooters, are both aiming for gold medals at the Paralympics Games this year.

Lee Pearson is not fazed at the possibility of making history at the London Paralympics Games.  Great Britain’s Goalball star Jessica Luke believes that the home crowd will help her team when they face China, who are currently the Goalball world champions. It will be the first time in 12 years that Goalball will be taking place at the Paralympics Games. 

Great Britain’s Natasha Baker and Sophie Wells are taking part in the Para- equestrian events for the first time.  The British Para- equestrian team believe that the dressage venue at Greenwich will inspire all their team members to achieve a lot of success at the Paralympics Games. 

Oscar Pistorius is getting ready for the Paralympics. I wonder if Great Britain’s own Jamie Peacock will be able to beat Oscar at the Paralympics in a few days time. Jamie Peacock has said Oscar is his inspiration, friend and rival. Oscar Pistorius himself has said that he is welcome to be having a challenge to defend his title.

This week’s RadioTimes has got a wide selection of articles to do with many Paralympics stars. It is estimated that over four billion people will tune in to watch the Paralympics Games. Only two more days until the Paralympics Games start. Let’s hope it will be as successful as people are saying it will be. Come on England!

28th August 2012

The Paralympics starts tomorrow and everybody is getting excited. 500 medals in total to be won, 20 different Paralympics sports will be taking place. I wonder how well Great Britain will do in this year’s Paralympics Games.

There have been rumours going round that Paralympics athletes are bending the rules in order to win a gold medal. Apparently they are doing this by getting entered into classifications of their chosen sport that do not fully match their physical abilities.

The history of this year’s Paralympics games will start with a victory parade, if the Great British team succeed with their target which is to get 103 medals overall with a large amount of them being gold. Today in Wales there will be a mini relay taking place at 12:30- 16:30. Disabled athletes are set to be taking part in this event.  Despite that there have been large tickets sales for the Paralympics Games, there have been some not very kind rumours indicating that some people brought tickets because they could not get any for the Olympics Games.  It has been confirmed that a parade for 800 Olympics and Paralympics athletes will held in London on the 10th September.

Paralympics star Jon-Allan Butterworth has apologised for saying bad comments about some of the other athletes.  Great Britain’s Ben Jesson is aiming to get a place in the Paralympics air rifle final at this year’s Paralympics Games.   Great Britain’s Sascha Kindred, who is part of the Paralympics swimming team is getting ready for his fifth Paralympics Games. Danielle Brown, who is a part of Great Britain’s archery team, has commented that this year’s Paralympics Games will be tough. Great Britain’s Eleanor Simmonds is hoping to inspire people at this year’s Paralympics Games. The London Paralympics Games is to broadcast to a very big number of people across the world.

 Coverage of the Paralympics will be shown in the UK, America, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland and Iran. Paralympians from Yesteryear will be the first torchbearers when the Paralympics torch relay starts today.  Some of the top Paralympics will start a Samsung video blog in the Paralympics Games.

 Musicians from across this country are expected to be part of the Paralympics closing ceremony on the 9th September. Coldplay are one of the bands that have been confirmed so far.  They have said that it is a great honour for them to be a part of the Paralympics Games celebrations. They are hoping for it to be a great moment in their music career.  

Eleanor Simmonds has said that she will be chuffed to bits to win a medal at this year’s Paralympics Games. Great Britain’s Paralympics table tennis star Will Bayley is hoping for a whole room of support at the Paralympics Games. Paralympics footballer David Clarke is aiming to get his first Paralympics medal at London this year.

The British Paralympics association is hoping that this year’s Paralympics Games will inspire a new generation of players and change the altitudes of the countries opinions on disabled sports. British Wheelchair racer David Weir has said that it will be hard to top his previous success in Beijing four years ago but he is up for the challenge. He has also said that he is not fazed at competing in front of a home crowd and that he is here to do a job which is to win a gold medal for his country. Go on David! England will cheer you on till the end!

Eva Loeffler, who is the daughter of the founder of the Paralympics Games, has said that her father’s dreams, which were once considered by others as farfetched, have finally come true. The Paralympics flame is beginning its final journey to London and it will unite outside the Millennium Centre.

Great Britain’s Paralympics team is hoping that their home crowd will help push them to success. However they were not a hundred percent sure as to whether they could beat China. Articles on the internet have given the things that some members of the public might want to know about the Paralympics sports that are taking place this year.

The Paralympics torch relay will get under way soon. The flame will get carried 92 miles by 580 torchbearers to the Olympic stadium ready for tomorrow night’s Paralympics opening ceremony. Paralympics stars Niki Birrell and Alexandra Rickham are hoping they will get Great Britain’s first Paralympics sailing medal. 

Ade Adepitan said that he is smiling at the thought of that this year’s Paralympics Games will probably change the world for the disabled sports industry.  Only 24 hours to go until the Paralympics Games opening ceremony. Let’s start with the countdown!

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