People to People launch their new website

People to People launch their new website

People2People provides social work and occupational therapy services across Shropshire for older people and adults who have disabilities. They are a ‘not for profit’ organisation that has been in existence since January 2012. They aim to put social work back into the community and to be accountable to local people, reducing bureaucracy and increasing common sense.

People to People  work to enable people to live as independently as possible and for as long as possible as part of their communities, leading active and fulfilled lives. This means they have to think differently and have to work differently.

This may involve:

  • Putting people in touch with other organisations or services that can help
  • Inviting people to a drop in Community Advice and Information event in their local area where they can find out what is available, what services, support, equipment or technology might be of benefit to them and talk to people who will be able to address their concerns or questions. This will also involve being able to talk to people who have experience themselves of using these services.
  • Inviting people to a Community Contact meeting in their area where they can talk to someone in more detail about their situation and develop a plan of what needs to happen to address any concerns
  • Inviting people to a workshop in their area to plan how best they can be supported. They will be able to talk to professionals if they need to and to one of our ‘peer support’ volunteers who have already experienced the process for themselves or a family member and have a wealth of advice to share.
  • Inviting family carers to a drop in session where they can work through their own needs, what support they could benefit from and talk to other family carer volunteers who can offer advice and information
  • Arranging a visit from a professional social worker or Occupational Therapist to carry out an assessment of what is needed to maintain independence, safety and quality of life.
  • For people who already receive paid support we will review and reassess their needs and the extent to which they have achieved outcomes and work with them to develop a new plan based on this.

To read more about the work of People to People go to their new website

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