Providing an Access Guide on your website PREVIEW

Providing an Access Guide on your website PREVIEW

It is important that your Access Guide is clear, accurate and provides an honest description of current facilities.


We often consider that an Access Guide attached to our website might only focus on how to navigate the website invariable this is often all it focuses on but organisations should consider stretching the Access Guide to include access to their organisations services, activities or venues.

Such a guide might be referred to as an Access Guide or an Access Statement or something similar. For ease of writing this document I will refer to it as an Access Guide.

The reasons for adding an Access Guide to your website would allow someone to decide whether:

  • You are likely to meet their access needs
  • They should visit your venue/site/activity
  • To ask an additional question before accessing your services or coming to your venue

There would be much value in providing this information as it;

  • Provides the visitor with information that will help them understand what you have to offer and/or feel reassured that their needs will be met.
  • Provides management of expectation as without such a guide a visitor/customer/client might assume their access needs are going to be addressed and on attending finding this is not the case might lead to complaints and at worse a legal case.
  • Allows your organisation to be clear about any possible challenges the visitor/client/customer might face and an opportunity to offer alternative approaches or further contact to make sure that access needs are understood by both parties.
  • It allows you to gain new custom for if you offer what the visitor/customer/client wants then they are more likely to choose you over a service/venue or another organisation where they are unsure that their needs would be met.  They are also likely to keep returning.

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