Self employment is it for you?

Self employment is it for you?

A great event in Wave-length’s calendar it is for a people who face social challenge perhaps a disability to see whether or not self employment is for them. This event will be informal which means there will be plenty of activities such as creating ideas for a new business.

On Tuesday 25th February Wave-Length is holding an event called Self-employment is it For You? It will be in the at TCAT, which is also one of Wave-Length’s partners for this event. The start time is 12:00PM.  

Throughout the event John Rainford, the founder of a small business called Strawberry Fields, will be working alongside Wave-length. John will give an entertaining session on what you must need to succeed in creating your own organisation. John Rainford’s organisation, which he owns with his wife Barbara, is about helping businesses to be created or transformed by innovation, technology or business intelligence.  John is a great person to have at this event due to his experience and the success he has had in helping other businesses get off the ground.  

 Ann Johnson, the director of Wave-Length will also be at this event to give advice and support. Recently Ann spoke about her knowledge and experience of self employment. She said “Growing up I lived in a family of people who worked for themselves, my Nan had a corner shop, my mother owned a shop and my father an insurance brokers, it was natural for me to consider self-employment as an option but for many it’s like jumping into the unknown. I love the freedom that self employment brings; someone said to me recently that I was probably now ‘unemployable’ because I am so used to pushing Wave-Length forward that I would find it so hard to work for a boss”. Like with John Rainford, Ann Johnson will be a very important person at this event. This is because she can use her knowledge to benefit others.

Following the recent Broadening Out meeting that took place in London, Wave-Length might be doing some further research into getting more people with disabilities interested in self-employment as an option.  This is because a person with a disability would more likely want to start up their own business than a non disabled person so that they can do something that suits their skills and need for flexibility

At Wave-Length we want others to understand that self-employment might be an option. We hope that many people with disabilities will appear at this event for advice and support on self employment. By attending this event a disabled person should be able to learn much about next steps.

Refreshments will be provided.

See you there. 


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