Should disability be a barrier to meaningful occupation?

Should disability be a barrier to meaningful occupation?

A visit to London for Lauren of Wave-length to ensure self-employment is firmly placed on the menu of interventions being sought by the Department of Work and Pensions to assist people with disabilities gain meaningful and sustained employment

In August, the Wave-length team were invited to attend the Disability Action Alliance’s group project meeting at the DWP in London to discuss what is currently being done to support those facing challenges due to disabilities gain and sustain employment or self-employment, as well as what more can be done and put into place to improve the possibility of them gaining such occupation.

We have since become part of a smaller, more focused group within the DAA to contribute our work and research which will form part of the contribution to a document to be submitted to the DWP with both qualitative and quantitative evidence on what actions/services currently work, what doesn’t and what could be put into place to support both employers and those seeking employment/self-employment to achieve the above outcomes.

The most rewarding aspect of this project is that we are simply representing the voices of those we support via our Junction Box programme. The concerns and praises of real life people are being taken into consideration and added in the shaping of this document. Changes will be made on real evidence, not just an assumption of need.

It is clear that as a nation we have some solid stepping stones but it is also apparent that more needs to be done to support those who often feel ‘lost in the system’ or ‘parked’. We are very excited to be working alongside the rest of the DAA team and be able to contribute our knowledge and intelligence to a national document that could potentially revolutionise the way we support those with disabilities and mental health into gaining sustainable meaningful occupation.

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