Stress Less Training – 3 hour workshops

Stress Less Training – 3 hour workshops

Wave-length’s Stress Less workshops focus not just on how to identify stress but how to start the conversation when you believe someone might be stressed. We look at the causes of stress on individuals, teams and organisations and how to reduce the impact

Workshops are delivered in house, so within your organisation helping your managers reduce and manage stress effectively within those individuals they support and their teams.  Helping them to reduce the impact of stress, support those returning back to the workplace and understand how to start the conversation with someone that might be stressed.

Workshop Outline

The session covers

  • Identifying stress and its drivers
  • What makes us react in certain circumstances and how such reactions might be better managed
  • Developing strategies to manage stress for the individual, team and organisation
  • How to start the conversation with someone who might be affected by the impact of stress
  • Managing stressful situations; pre-empting, managing at the time and post stressful absence


  • Managers will be able to identify the triggers of stress in a workplace environment and not just on the individual but the wider team
  • Understand how essential their role is in reducing and managing stress particularly in anticipating the potential for stress on individuals/teams, supporting staff in times of stress and supporting returning staff.
  • How to develop effective strategies to reduce, manage and avoid stressful situations
  • Feel able to create the right approach and environment to discuss issues relating to stress

Sessions are charged at £250.00 plus travel costs (quotes provided on request) and when booking more than one connected course (either 2 the same day or over two consecutive days we can look at saving you further costs on the training.   Charges include design, delivery and evaluation, it includes all material, hand-outs and further supportive guidance to take back into the workplace

We would be happy to provide your organisation with an outline approach for your organisational needs along with quote


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