The Wave-length Well a fresh, informative and free resource tool on disability matters

The Wave-length Well a fresh, informative and free resource tool on disability matters

An exciting resource pool anyone in HR, E&D, Customer service, Business Management needs to keep them abreast of Disability related issues in Employment and Customer Care linking you to new resources, training materials, best practice guides etc. We provide information in text, audio and film so as to provide you with a variety of tools. Its an ever developing well at your fingertips of information to help you and your organisation.

Whether this means fully utilising the skills of all your staff; meeting the needs of your customers, avoiding unnecessary absence from work or helping staff with mental health conditions feel like victors and not victims this aims to be a useful tool for you.

To meet this essential business need Wave-length has developed ‘The Well’ which provides organisations with a resource bank; training materials and chances to debate and discuss areas around meeting the needs of staff and customers with varying disabilities, health conditions and capability challenges and whilst its important to note that not even The Well with its resource information can protect organisations against litigation, accusations of unfair dismissal or complaints from customers it will mean that by evidencing that you access and aspire to deliver best practice should be able to assist you in helping a judge to understand your commitment to a fair society.

The Well will provide you with:

  • Resources, Research and Toolkits that can assist managers and staff when designing support, development of policy, and interaction with staff and customers
  • Training materials, case studies and learning from recent legal cases.
  • The opportunity to request research so if there is something in respect of disability that your organisation is struggling to manage or feel inadequately informed about then we will try to assist you with this
  • Opportunities for management to ask a question discuss an issue or share best practice either via The Well or by coming along to one of our free to attend events – specially designed to stretch thinking of employers and service providers.

There is no cost to signing up to The Well on the contrary we hope it will work to save you money through improved knowledge, notification of free events and discount off Wave-length’s other support services.  The Well not only provides you with the support and information above which is regularly updated and added to but it will also assist in meeting your corporate social responsibility as Wave-length is a Community Interest Company which uses its profits to enhance the occupational opportunities or access to services to people facing social barriers.  So if in the future you benefit from our paid services we will use your money to improve local communities helping you to add social value


  • The Well saves you spending valuable resource time researching information, it provides information quickly and in an easy to follow format allowing you very quickly to understand potential impact whether positive or negative and how to mitigate or remove it
  • Allows your managers, staff and directors to be kept up to-date with best practice, feel supported and understand how to meet the responsibilities of their role.
  • Allows you to resolve key issues that impact on your business as you are able to request that we research an area that is challenging your organisation
  • Avoids re-inventing the wheel for when you join a debate, attend a seminar or ask a question on the forum someone will assist in solving the challenge.
  • You will receive very practical Tips and tools on specific conditions and working practices so you can best support your employees and customers whilst getting the best results for your company
  • It helps meet your social value/CSR responsibilities as a responsible organisation
  • The Wave-length Well provides information to suit all learning styles, text, audio, film, discussion and face to face debate
  • But most importantly it helps you, your customers and staff maximise their input into your organisations allowing business objectives to be met.

The Well would be best aimed at organisations with any combination of the following:

  • A company that is pro-active in its approach to Equality and Diversity
  • An employer
  • An organisation providing a service directly to customers

The Well is updated and added to every month and includes events, training resources, case studies and research so you will always be receiving up to-date information.

For further information or to sign up to the Well please contact us at 01952 670404 or email and we’ll get you started!



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