Volunteering and what it means to me.

Volunteering and what it means to me.

Volunteering means helping others who are going through a really tough time. I try and help as best as I can by finding solutions to problems.

To see a smile on a lady’s face is more important to me than money.

I volunteer for many organisations as this helps people get the help they require by being able to be signposted correctly to the services they require not the ones that other people think they need.

I try my best to change things so that everyone feels comfortable at whatever they event they go to. I pointed out to someone after an enable event that it would have been helpful to know that anyone in a wheelchair would be catered for should a fire alarm go off. Instead of them just telling everyone to head for the stairs. Yes it may feel that wheelchair users are included but the worry of how to get out of the building in a wheelchair in an emergency is something that needed to be addressed by being informed that staff were trained with an Evacuation chair or that there was somewhere safe wheelchair users could wait.

I volunteer for DISKS-Telford (Disability Kids Support), Ican2 Sports and Leisure for Disabled children which offers a wide range of sporting opporunities for children as well as a computer club for those who are not interested in sport. I also volunteer for Listen Not Label and helped create the website for that.

Last but not least I volunteer for Swimming After Surgery (SAS) which helps ladies come to terms with breast cancer surgery and the impact the diagnosis has had on them.

To see someone attempt something, achieve it and then smile is what volunteering is all about for me.


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