Volunteering leads to International work opportunity

Volunteering leads to International work opportunity

Jake Johnson, Age 24, Born in England, now working for Juventus and living in Mexico

From an early age, just like many other schoolboys, Jake wanted to be a successful football player.  Jake joined SAHA club in Shrewsbury whilst at secondary school, but unfortunately for him he lacked the stamina to complete a full game of football, which meant his dreams of success were starting to wane.

Jake later went on to take a law degree and it was whilst at University that his lack of stamina progressed into what was clearly a rapid decline in health, and eventually he was diagnosed as having Addison’s Disease.  Whilst quite a shock to him and his family, he quickly learnt that with managed medication for the rest of his life, he would be now as fit and healthy as others of his age.

After attaining his degree in Law, Jake turned back to football and returned to SAHA as a volunteer coach. He started working on achieving the necessary qualifications to back up his enthusiasm for the game.  Jake then volunteered with Shrewsbury Town FC, which helped him build up his CV, and it was not long before Jake started receiving small pots of paid income from both Shrewsbury Town FC and West Bromwich FC.

Jake has built on this learning and has gone on to receive paid work in developing community football in Mexico City and New York.  Jake is now working for Juventus in Pachuca, Mexico, and is helping to set up a Soccer Academy.


For Jake Addison’s is part of his life, it lives with him and whilst travelling abroad means thinking seriously about the ‘what if’. for the most part its about making sure he has sufficient medication for the trip, knows how to contact a doctor who will understand his condition and remembers to  inform work colleagues of his condition.

Addison’s disease is a life time health condition and once the correct levels of medication has been identified, diagnosed people should be able to live as others. (link then to Addison’s sites)

Managing Addison’s means that you have to be able to plan ahead, be organised and be prepared for the ‘what if’.  These sorts of skills mean that Jake would not be fazed in designing and delivering a coaching session for those young budding footballers.


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