Waffle with Wave-length – Bending over Backwards

Waffle with Wave-length – Bending over Backwards

Wave-length held Waffle with Wave-length Bending Over Backwards on the 13th February 2013. Attendees discussed back injury in employment and suggested ways in which cases of back injury can be reduced or eliminated.

Attendees took part in a lively, interesting and well informed debate at the Cross Houses Community Hall. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss back pain at work and ways of providing support and solutions for both employers and employees.

There are numerous primary causes of back pain in the workplace, mainly lack of training for both employers and employees and lack of knowledge, eg, the best positions in which to stand sit and lift. It was also acknowledged that there will always be some employees who use back pain as an excuse to take days off. One Health and Safety Officer present at the meeting gave an example of making an assessment of someone ‘suffering’ from back pain but after watching this employee lift a heavy chair, made some gently probing enquiries and discovered this person was also attending a Zumba class!

It was concluded that there is a gap in the market for education concerning back pain at work and that the individual, whether employer or employee needs to take ownership of these issues.

Wave-length Offer a 10 top tips and  a Guidance note on Back Pain in the company login area of the website. Please request your login from Lisa at lisa@wave-length.org.uk

Our next waffle is Waffle with Wave-length – Getting past Grief and will discuss the topic of death in employment. http://www.wave-length.org.uk/waffle-with-wave-length-getting-past-grief/

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