Waffle with Wave-length – Bending over Backwards

Waffle with Wave-length – Bending over Backwards

13th February 2013 8:30am – 10:30am Cross Houses Community Hall SY5 6JH Discussing Backpain and its effect on employment

“There are a wide range of topics a waffle could cover – their clear advantage is the way they raise awareness in a very ‘real life’ way which is very beneficial to those in attendance who do not fully understand a disability or condition.” – Richard Shaw

We have a fresh approach to discussing disability related matters.  From our experiences most events follow a standard format, a speaker presenting the subject matter and then questions and answers taken.  The presenter often telling us what we need to change or do more of in our lives and workplace and whilst such events offer well researched information, expertise and a chance to have a say, at our Waffles we want to turn such an event on its head making you the key lead at the event and then taking the expertise from the room out into the wider environment.

The format of a Waffle with Wave-length is as follows: you become part of the debating group, you can listen, share experiences or you can present a solution or idea to a question posed.  We limit attendees to around 20 people so that we encourage discussion.  We aim to bring together all interested parties, those affected by a condition whether personally or as a parent or carer, organisations wanting to learn more so that they can better support staff and customers and where relevant those that might offer the expertise needed to answer a question posed.

What causes Back Pain? And how can it affect your work performance? Wave-length are inviting you to come along to share debate and discuss Back pain and employment, in a safe and comfortable environment. Refreshments provided

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