Waffle With Wave-length – ‘Bottling the Habit’

Waffle With Wave-length – ‘Bottling the Habit’

When does drinking become a problem? And how can it affect your work performance? Wave-length are inviting you to come along to share debate and discuss Alcohol and drug awareness and employment, in a safe and comfortable environment.

When: 16th October, 2014

Alcohol or drug dependant employees will have copying mechanisms and colleagues will often cover for them as they are worried what their colleagues future will hold for them if they get caught drinking, or being under the influence of alcohol, and lose their job, adopting a much more supportive culture will help the organisation in the long run

At our last Bottling the Habit Waffle we discussed policy, if a member of staff is found to be under the influence of alcohol, many may dismiss the staff member without offering them support or education on alcohol. One attendee said “Without offering that person support you are not giving them a fair chance, you can penalise without dismissing the member of staff and can support them better with education on alcohol intake, without the knowledge how are they supposed to understand your policy”

It is chance to discuss a subject matter from all perspectives, those who manage impact, those challenged by the impact, those living with the condition and those working to support those affected by the condition.

The sessions discuss different conditions, policies and procedures within an employment environment and it simply allows time to focus, listen and share.   To learn about the subject in a way that is real, gets to the point and deals with the subject matter head on.  Those attending have said it’s the best training ground they have been on; that they learnt so much; it was good to talk about such a sensitive matter.

It is not a presentation, training session or workshop it’s a round the table discussion allowing all too equally participate.

To book your free place go tohttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/waffle-with-wave-length-presents-bottling-the-habit-tickets-10087872097?ref=estw or   for more information contact ann@wave-length.org.uk


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