Waffle with Wave-length dates for 2014

Waffle with Wave-length dates for 2014

What is it?

It is chance to discuss a subject matter from all perspectives, those who manage impact, those challenged by the impact, those living with the condition and those working to support those affected by the condition.

The sessions discuss different conditions, policies and procedures within an employment environment and it simply allows time to focus, listen and share. To learn about the subject in a way that is real, gets to the point and deals with the subject matter head on. Those attending have said it’s the best training ground they have been on; that they learnt so much; it was good to talk about such a sensitive matter.

It is not a presentation, training session or workshop it’s a round the table discussion allowing all too equally participate.

Waffle with Wave-length


The sessions this year will cover the following:

‘Just Another Manic Monday’ discussing the subject of Mental Health in the workplace:   17th April 2014

‘Demystifying Dyslexia’ discussing the subject of Dyslexia in the workplace:  17th May 2014

 ‘Anything to Declare’ discussing how best to encourage staff and customers with a disability to declare it so they might be better supported. 17th July 2014

‘Bottling the Habit’ discussing the best way to manage and support employees with alcohol and drug need or addiction: 20th November 2014

There is no charge to attend a Waffle with Wave-length event but spaces are limited to encourage wide attendance

In order to offer free places at Waffles we look to others to sponsor them at a cost of either £50.00 or in offering free venue/refreshments.  Helping Wave-length to meet its vision ‘to disable disability’.  For those who sponsor Waffles we will offer maximum publicity and offer more places at the event.

To find out how you can support the Waffles run by Wave-length contact ann@wave-length.org.uk.  Wave-length may add more Waffles to its calendar in the year depending on community issues, workplace need and wider environmental or sector issues.

To attend a Waffle please go to events and follow the link on the desired Waffle event and book your free place direct.

Waffles are held at 8.00am and last for 2 hours they include coffee/tea and of course biscuit style waffles.

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