Waffle with Wave-length –Dyslexia Demystified

Waffle with Wave-length –Dyslexia Demystified

How does Dyslexia effect employment? A chance to share, debate and discuss Dyslexia in a safe and comfortable environment. Take the opportunity to interactively unravel some of the issues around Dyslexia in employment.

Supporting someone with dyslexia starts at a discussion with the individual

When: 15th May, 2014

Supporting someone with dyslexia starts at a discussion with the individual.  Our patron Benjamin Zephaniah who himself has dyslexia commented for us on dyslexia:

“I send you this message from China. It is said that Chinese is the only language that you can’t be Dyslexic in because it is pictorial, and the marks on the page don’t simply represent sound. I am forever being asked how I managed to become a writer when I am so dyslexic, and I think each time I’m asked I give a different answer. What I want to say now is that it doesn’t matter how dyslexic you are, or even if you can speak Chinese, the languages we can all develop is the language of love, compassion, the language of solidarity and touch. Tune into the wave length that helps you tune into others, and everything will be alright. This is how we do it”

We met last year to discuss dyslexia in the workplace, the support options, the impact and how to locate further support of those attening:

“It was a really useful and ‘lively’ discussion on dyslexia – I learnt a lot and made a number of useful contacts” – Kay Heald – Kay Heald HR

“Very useful. Lived experience of disability is always more powerful than hearing from generic trainers” – Ann Shaw

It is chance to discuss a subject matter from all perspectives, those who manage impact, those challenged by the impact, those living with the condition and those working to support those affected by the condition.

The sessions discuss different conditions, policies and procedures within an employment environment and it simply allows time to focus, listen and share.   To learn about the subject in a way that is real, gets to the point and deals with the subject matter head on.  Those attending have said it’s the best training ground they have been on; that they learnt so much; it was good to talk about such a sensitive matter.

It is not a presentation, training session or workshop it’s a round the table discussion allowing all too equally participate.

We would welcome attendance from those with dyslexia, employers, support organisations and those with a genuine interest in the subject matter and its impact within the workplace

To book your free place go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/waffle-with-wave-length-presents-dyslexia-demistified-tickets-10087653443?ref=estwor contact ann@wave-length.org.uk for more information

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