Waffle with Wave-length presents -To share or not to share

Waffle with Wave-length presents -To share or not to share

How does disclosure effect employment? ~Why do people not declare their disability? how can we overcome the challenges faced by individuals with a disability? A chance to share, debate and discuss disclosure in a safe and comfortable environment. Take the opportunity to interactively unravel some of the issues around disclosure in employment

When: 17th July, 2014

Are you convinced that staff in your organisation disclose their disability? would they tell you they were loosing their sight, hearing or mental capacity? What if had a mental health condition? physical pain the list goes on and if they would not disclose why?

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people in the UK have a disability, many are invisible to see many are not understood, but if a condition is shared then there is a chance to support and ensure that people reach their full capability with the right reasonable adjustments in place.  But there is no legal requirement for staff to do so and many don’t, is that OK, what could the consequences be? how might we encourage staff to tell us more about their need and use such information in a valued and supportive way.

A waffle is a chance to discuss a subject matter from all perspectives, those who manage impact, those challenged by the impact, those living with the condition and those working to support those affected by the condition.

The sessions discuss different conditions, policies and procedures within an employment environment and it simply allows time to focus, listen and share.   To learn about the subject in a way that is real, gets to the point and deals with the subject matter head on.  Those attending have said it’s the best training ground they have been on; that they learnt so much; it was good to talk about such a sensitive matter.

It is not a presentation, training session or workshop it’s a round the table discussion allowing all too equally participate.

To book your place go to http://www.twitter.com/home?status=I+am+attending+https://www.eventbrite.com/e/waffle-with-wave-length-presents-to-share-or-not-to-share-tickets-10088802881?ref=estw or contact ann@wave-length.org.uk

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