Waffle with Wave-length – Stress Less

Waffle with Wave-length – Stress Less

When people go off with stress it can be for weeks or even months.

Everyone comes into contact with stress at some point in their lives, particularly around this time of year with Christmas just around the corner.

Waffle with Wave-length explored Stress with their attendees this December at Meeting Point House.

Stress happens when you take on too many tasks at one time and you begin to lose control, this brings on a state of panic which is how stress manifests itself. It can have serious health implications both physically and mentally which is why stress needs to be taken seriously.

Fairness became an issue raised time and time again by attendees who felt that fairness, or rather unfairness, in the workplace can trigger stress, also the speed of day to day communications can be found stressful, remembering that you do not have to reply to an e-mail immediately can help this but in a business setting you can forget that these communications can wait. Boredom can also cause stress, we spoke to one attendee who said ‘I was so bored with my job that I took on extra duties just to fill the time, by the time I’d left I had made the job complicated and I heard through the grapevine that the person who took my place didn’t last in the job very long because they could not cope with how complicated I had made the role’.

Overall we found that with a set of manageable ground rules for yourself and timing things out so you are not blurring the lines between work and  personal time, you can find ways to help yourself Stress Less through 2013.


Merry Christmas Everyone!


Posted December 18th, 2012 In News

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