Wave-length ‘Broadens’ its Horizons

Wave-length ‘Broadens’ its Horizons

Last month Ann Johnson director of Wave-length attended the ‘Broadening Out’ event in London run by the Disability Action Alliance and attended by fellow national partners. We attended with an aim to drive forward Wave-length’s national objectives to support those people with disabilities gaining access to meaningful occupation and services and came away with much more..

Ann sitting a table with others

Taken by the DAA at the Broadening Out event

Our director, Ann Johnson attended a very important event, which was held in the offices of Canary Wharf on the 9th January 2014. Ann was so committed to be a part of this event that she drove from Shrewsbury to central London. That demonstrates a lot of commitment when you take into account the price of fuel and the long distance between Shrewsbury and central London.

 Ann was not the only person representing a disability related business. This is because according to research a third of the members that attended the meeting were from disability organisations.

The purpose of this meeting was to come up with ideas for projects mainly based around disability. This includes spreading disability awareness, accessibility for disabled people and helping disabled people get into employment. So from this we were one of the best organisations there. This is because a lot these ideas/projects suit our business’s overall goal. 

Due to Ann being at this meeting we have already managed to benefit a lot from it.  For example the business has made more contacts. The department of work and pensions are already in negotiations with Ann about assisting to promote self employment for disabled people a bit more effectively. Disability UK is also thinking of finding a way to form a partnership with us. Finally our business has offered to lead a project which is focused on changing attitudes in service delivery to people with disabilities.

 These benefits above should open opportunities for our organisation over the next 12 months. This includes expanding our brand image, getting more recognition and changing people’s attitudes towards disability in and out of the working environment. All of us at Wave-Length are very thankful to Ann for going to the broadening out event. This is because if she had not of gone our organisation would not have benefited from it.

Ann has mentioned that she is glad that to have both taken from and given something out of such a useful meeting and hopes that we will be able to make a real difference in changing disabled people’s lives. So from this we wish ourselves all the best of luck in making a difference towards altering the public’s perception of disability.  

Article produced by James Sale of Wave-length CIC

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