Wave-length CIC launches – Are you Welcoming Everyone? A useful access checklist to the hotel sector

Wave-length CIC launches – Are you Welcoming Everyone? A useful access checklist to the hotel sector

This is guide does not just cover the law but provides useful tips, best practice sharing and comments made by many travellers on what could make an accessible room even better. It is currently a great 18 page read updated constantly on-line

This guide is a practical approach to making your accessible room as accessible as possible, looking also at areas beyond the bedroom and bathroom.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people have a disability? and they rarely travel alone, did you also know that the estimated collective spending power of people with disabilities adds up to 80 billion a year.  So the reasons for becoming more accessible should not simply be around the law but to reach a larger market.

Helping you to consider the law but also the practical application of change for those hotels with much money and those with limited funds.

An extract from the guide

The approach, parking and location

 Whilst many venues show images of their hotels on their websites some still only show the interior.  An image of a hotel entrance can provide the indicator for someone that they have arrived and can avoid the need for them to have to get out of their car for further directions or confirmation of arrival.  

I have before now got out of my car put my wheelchair together made my way to the hotel to find out I am at the wrong one with a similar name or have pulled up outside the leisure centre and not the hotel reception.

Such an approach helps not only those with mobility impairments but all visitors.  A clear guide then to the parking and reception provides additional confidence to the visitor that they are heading in the right direction. 

The full guide can be accessed from the Wave-length Well which for £50.00 a year (less than £1.00 a week) you can access this and many more resources within the Well – including training material, case studies and much more.  Or you can attend a workshop of Are You Welcoming Everyone where this guide would be provided free to the delegates – see next event at http://www.wave-length.org.uk/category/events/ .   Alternative if you are a large hotel we can provide such training for you in-house and bespoke to suit you – quotes can be provided by emailing ann@wave-length.org.uk

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