The Junction Box – directing people to their future

The Junction Box – directing people to their future

News on Junction Box activities – offering an alternative to employment
The Junction Box is a programme of different events run by Wave-length that will help those wanting to understand more about the options of self-employment, starting a business or seeking meaningful occupation, whilst we offer the unlocking of potential to all we also specialise in working with those who face challenges in life whether real or perceived to a meaningful occupation.


An Alternative to employment – self employment

Whether related to mental health, learning, physical conditions or other social factors that stop us pursing the career we desire, this might be a carer, single parent, ex-offender the list goes on.  This means that as well as informing people about how they can develop ideas we also look at options of working from home, managing health and anxiety whilst working and sharing options for further relevant and specific support/grants etc.

Some of our events are specifically aimed at a specific group or have an eligibility criteria attached; this is usually set by our funders and not by Wave-length.  However, we do continue to strive to get the most varied offer as possible.

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