Wave-length made the news!

Wave-length made the news!

Irwin Mitchell LLP and Wave-length have been working closely in Employment Education this year, training HR managers in equality and diversity issues that appear in the workplace and educating them on how to manage these in keeping with the Equality Act 2010.

Irwin Mitchell recently included an article, written by Wave-length, in their summer newsletter, discussing students who face social challenges in life caused by physical or mental conditions and identifying how education institutions can help and support students in this position.

Ann Johnson, director of Wave-length has reflected on why the collaboration with Irwin Mitchell has been valuable:

“The challenges faced in our news piece on the perceived or real barriers young people place ahead of them in society was a concern to Wave-length and encouraged us to explore the issues further and naturally to share our research with others.  It was a chance chat over coffee with Surrinder, a colleague from Irwin Mitchell where I shared the issues behind this piece. We then chatted in depth over the possible consequences of young people having such thoughts and whilst of course Surrinder mentioned the legal protection for those seeking jobs, we both agreed that whilst the law was there, it did not eradicate the fear or realities of equal opportunities for all.  For us it is great that Irwin Mitchell saw the value of further distributing our news story and in seeking to work more closely with us – both agreeing that whilst the law is key to driving change it can only materialise when people and communities believe it change can happen”

Wave-length and ACAS are working with Irwin Mitchell again in September, running the fourth “Getting Equality Right Today” seminar, due to the extended interest and popularity of the workshops! Order your FREE ticket today at http://www.eventbrite.com/o/wave-length-social-marketing-cic-2364651498?s=41979915

To receive a copy of Irwin Mitchell’s summer newsletter and read the article In full, please email whitney@wave-length.org.uk

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