Wave-length presents their new Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator!

Wave-length presents their new Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator!

“Having Lauren now work with us is fantastic, she is someone who has the experience in film, PR and marketing to ensure that our voice is heard locally, regionally and nationally.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                “My time at Wave-length so far has been amazing. I love knowing that the work I do helps people and benefits the local community. The future of Wave-length is very exciting, especially with the Junction Box workshops kicking off and the launch of The Wave-length Well. I’m proud to be a part of the team and look forward to my future with Wave-length!”



Lauren graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a Film and Media Production degree. After graduating Lauren began working for reputable television companies such as RDF Television, Maverick TV and Endemol, where she worked as a Location Assistant on well-known programmes such as Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic and Dickinson’s Real Deal. After spending a few years working behind the scenes of various television shows, Lauren decided that she wanted to change her career path slightly to pursue her new found passion in advertising and marketing, eventually leading her to Ann Johnson, Director of Wave-length CIC.

“Working with Ann has been a real joy. She is an inspiration with the work she does and I am delighted to be working alongside her to help make a difference. As part of my role I get to meet a lot of interesting and inspirational people, and there is nothing more rewarding than being able to help change lives and offer our support to the people who need it most. I enjoy planning and filming our case studies on both disabilities/health conditions and self-employment as I am constantly raising awareness on both people’s struggles and successes. Everyone deserves to be supported and celebrated!”

Lauren has used her skills and knowledge in video production to create case studies for both our website and The Well. This has created a new and alternative way to access information on our website where we now offer resources and training materials in different formats, including films and podcasts, for a wider range of informative tools.

It is also clear to see that she takes pride in speaking at our events, whether it be a presentation, debate or workshop. Lauren is always bubbly and keen to get involved with Wave-lengths activities and always shows care and compassion to the people seeking support from us. Lauren is also working on ideas for a Marketing workshop to add to our Junction Box Programme to help people with their journey into self-employment.

“I love to speak at events with Ann as I’m quite a hands on person! I get a real buzz when I’m part of a debate or presentation where we are aiming to make a difference, whether it is educating HR managers on what they can do so support their staff who have a disability or health condition, or helping people realise their self-worth and ambitions through the Junction box workshops. I am also looking forward to working with people and sharing my knowledge on advertising and marketing and how video production and podcasts can play a big part in getting their business noticed!”

Lauren also manages The Well, creating information packs each month that consist of resources, training materials and best practice guides, alongside weekly news articles to keep Wave-length’s followers and sponsors up to date and fully informed about our latest activity and success. By joining The Well you can see some of Lauren’s best work, including information packs on Hepatitis and Psoriasis.

“Wave-length was set up as a social marketing business at its heart, essentially meaning that we would primarily focus on being a voice of change, assisting people who face social challenge to gain meaningful occupation and access to services and at the same time take such knowledge to those who can mitigate or remove such challenges.  So having Lauren now work with us is fantastic, she is someone who has the experience in film, PR and marketing to ensure that our voice is heard locally, regionally and nationally.   Lauren is already linking Wave-length with leading national and regional organisations, we have editorial in national magazines, newsletters and now the opportunity for Wave-length to speak at events across the West Midlands.  Lauren brings much energy to the projects recently won, to the resources in our Wave-length Well and in delivering our workshops and seminars. It is great to work with Lauren, she is so likeable whilst professional and is totally focused on creating change in people’s lives and I am sure she will be a great asset to Wave-length.” – Ann Johnson, Director of Wave-length.

For information on the Well visit our website http://www.wave-length.org.uk/the-wave-length-well/ . You can also contact Lauren directly at lauren@wave-lenght.org.uk




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