Wave-length to broaden training into the North West

Wave-length to broaden training into the North West

Wave-length has certainly established itself around Shropshire with its range of disability and equality training and workshops, and whilst they do already deliver training across the UK to a range of clients, it is now taking a firmer grip on key focus areas of the UK; Birmingham, London and now the North-West (Manchester), through its partnership with TTC Specialist Training Company. Ann, director of Wave-length, has delivered training sessions to many small, medium and large organisations such as, Pertemps, West Mercia Probation Service, Federation of small businesses, South Shropshire Housing and London Road College of Arts and technology.

Wave-length has already made solid connections as they have continued to further widen out their training, with the support of Shropshire council and Telford and Wrekin council.  Delivering training to companies such as TCAT, Tarants Coaches, West Mercia Probation services, TTC Group, Shropshire Museum Group and Leicestershire Council.

The widening of the UK training has been made achievable by Wave-length working in partnership with TTC Specialised Training Group, who have a lot of passion for helping people with disabilities through the work they already sponsor through Wave-length, by providing offices, management support and provision of funds. ‘It is fantastic’, says Ann, ‘to be involved in this partnership as we both share the passion of getting customer service right for people with disabilities and by creating these new centres across the UK for the training, we will be able to reach more businesses.  1 in 5 people have a disability so this potentially equates to 20% of customers. So by getting it right we don’t just avoid litigation, but by understanding the issues and challenges their customers face, they can reap the rewards of extra customers and greater sales’.  Wave-length is already working with TTC out of Birmingham and London so it’s great now to have a partnership to deliver in the Manchester area.   Wave-length believe they have a unique offer to organisations in delivering such training as, through their social enterprise aims, they work with many people with a range of social challenges to access work and services, so therefore have unique insights into many sectors, which enhances the delivery of training. Through this partnership, Wave-length and TTC will be providing training in Manchester over August and September. There are two different training courses available to attend. The first is a full day course that focuses on meeting the needs of a customer with a disability, which aims to help managers be able to support the needs of customers and clients with a disability. The second is a half day training course that is all about customer facing and helping customers with a disability. This will help all frontline staff deliver a best practice service to customers with a disability. The course is being aimed at HR managers and Customer Service managers to help them make their business more aware and supportive of disabilities when dealing with customers and clients.

For more information about the courses visit http://www.sti-uk.com/OpenCourses.aspx

Also visit http://www.sti-uk.com/Tutors.aspx for more information on Ann and her contribution to TTC training courses.

How do you think your organisation might fair when meeting customers/visitors and clients with disabilities would they be confident, clear of what to ask and sure of how to assist? If you are not confident in saying yes to all of the above then maybe we can help you further at Wave-length get in touch at info@wave-length.org.uk

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