Wave-length working with ACAS to shape Equality and Diversity meetings

Wave-length working with ACAS to shape Equality and Diversity meetings

Wave-length have recently formed an approach to working jointly with ACAS West Midlands (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) to work together to form a fresh approach to Equality and Diversity meetings across the Midlands.

Having this joint arrangement with shared outcomes and ideas with and organisation like ACAS is fantastic and we look forward to building our professional relationship further. By working together we demonstrate the services that both companies provide, but also bring together each other’s skills and expertise to create Equality and Diversity meetings to spread across the Midlands. Working together is certainly exciting and beneficial for both parties.

ACAS aim to improve organisations and working life through better employment relations. They help with this by supplying up-to-date information, independent advice and high quality training. Wave-length have expertise in bespoke training courses that educate employers on how to provide Equality and Diversity within the workplace and offer monthly information packs on different disabilities, health conditions and the reasonable adjustments that can be made in the workplace through The Wave-length Well. Both ACAS and Wave-length will bring their knowledge and expertise together to create excellent Equality and Diversity meetings for HR managers.

 “Whilst at Wave-length we are very passionate about improving occupational opportunity for those facing social challenges we recognise it is difficult to ensure such objectives are met working on our own, so it’s important that we establish strong collaborative working with other agencies and organisations.  For us having the ability to hear wider employer views and to have a chance to share best practice across many employers across the West Midlands is fantastic, we could not wish for a better organisation to achieve this with than ACAS West Midlands, it will be great to bring employers together to talk about Equality and Diversity, for the two organisations to work to seek out the topics of the day, share resource and delivery of events – it is a great chance to make real difference.” – Ann Johnson, Director of Wave-length.

Here at Wave-length we are certainly excited to continue working with ACAS to further develop ideas and we are looking forward to our next meeting with them later this month. The future looks very promising with this new working relationship with ACAS.

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