We got Equality Right Today, did you?

We got Equality Right Today, did you?

Wave-length, ACAS, Michelin and Irwin Mitchell lawyers, joined forced for the third time earlier this week to provide a seminar on Equality and Diversity in the workplace.

The current series of Equality events in partnership with ACAS and Wave-length have created much debate across the West Midlands HR and Employment advisors, especially the discussions around trust in the process, for instance how do you encourage a new candidate to declare a disability and of course should you?, how to you get the gender mix right? And what happens when people are challenged in the English language. But such discussions are what the roadshow has been set up to address and it has been great that they have been so well attended and so lively

On 2nd June we held the third Equality event in Stoke hosted by the Michelin Tyre Company with 40 + attendees from organisations across the West Midlands in attendance with positive feedback from all those attending. ‘The approach to the session was the most interesting and thought provoking’ said one person, but this was no accident as we set out to make it dynamic and to have differing views and approaches. When Wave-length joined with ACAS to run such events we were both clear from the outset we wanted more than just a presentation on the law, we wanted people to be clear on the law, understand the issues and most importantly know how to apply them in practice. So it was great when we were able to bring a barrister along to share her experiences in recruitment cases, to have an Irwin Mitchell lawyer to share the legal impact, ACAS to share the case studies and of course Wave-length to share some best practice in recruitment- interestingly sometimes we did not all totally agree with each other which led to a lively panel indeed.

Getting Equality Right in Recruitment Today is so important on many grounds not just because of the law which can be harsh and impose penalties of £5,000 upwards but because happy and diverse workforce teams help to build and strengthen organisations, great policies help to reduce downtime and improve capacity and capability of teams which in turn help develop people, organisations and reputations.

Ann from Wave-length said of the last session in Stoke ‘it was great to see so many organisations keen to get Equality Right Today especially as they have many pressing priorities today, the questions were well considered and the hospitality of Michelin was fantastic I even learnt a bit about summer road tyres which was unexpected bonus!’

There will be a further Getting it Right in Recruitment in late July in Telford if you have missed the ones held so far along with a Conference in partnership with ACAS and Wavelength on the 17th November 2015 in Birmingham which will explore Getting Equality Right Today in the Workplace and the Dismissal Process.


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