What happens when someone you’re paying is no longer capable of doing the job?

What happens when someone you’re paying is no longer capable of doing the job?

Wave-length Social Marketing is working in Collaboration with three other organisations to pilot an employment scheme that will help find solutions to getting the most out of staff. Looking particularly at the areas of capability, questioning how you start the conversation; what if the person does not share the issues; how can a good employer support an individual/the team when capability comes into question; what might be a better solution to simply ending someone’s contract because they are simply not up to the job and all adjustments have been exhausted.

We believe we have a new fresh and exciting approach to this conundrum which is likely to become a growing challenge to organisations as retirement age is blurred and often with an aging workforce disabilities and health conditions arise. 

We have now piloted our first ‘ideas in action’ session with a Shropshire employer who was very receptive to our ideas, thrilled by the recent outcomes and ready to pursue it further. 

However we know that one organisation is not enough to test the success of this new approach so now looking for another organisation within or near to Shropshire to trial the process again.  If you would like to explore the opportunity to do this please let us know.  The pilot to you would be at no cost we just want to evidence the success of this new way of working for employers who care about their staff whilst at the same time wanting to keep up productivity.   If you are interested in taking part contact Ann at ann@wave-length.org.uk where we can share more.

Posted May 7th, 2014 In News

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