What We Do

What We Do

We work with communities, organisations and individuals to improve the access to employment and services for all those who face social challenges in life. So we take our learning from employers and share this with individuals and when identifying challenges faced by individuals we share this with those who employ and provide services. This way we help to build better communities

What have we been up to recently?

  • We have received been approved for funding through Pride In Your High Street this will mean the development of Pop-Up Shops in Telford see our news story click here
  • We have set up a stand alone website for our successful Junction Box programme – helping people to consider self-employment as an option www.junctionbox.org.uk
  • We are working with West Midlands Museum Development Programme managed by Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust with funding from Arts Council England to support 10 Accredited Museums reach wider audiences by becoming more accessible.  See our news story click here
  • We are working with students at Futures so that they can enter the Young Enterprise Competition and use this experience to overcome challenges they might have to getting valued occupation in the future – an exciting project indeed
  • We have now partnered with ACAS West Midlands to keep Equality in Employment firmly on the agenda of regional businesses
  • We are offering one day workshops in 2016 to help employers better support their employees with disabilities and health conditions click here for more details


Why start Wave-length? a message from Ann Johnson

Image of Ann Johnson Director of Wave-length CIC

I had an injury in 2002 which resulted in me becoming a wheelchair user – on that day not only did my legs stop working but I had to come to terms with people doubting my capability and getting used to a lesser deal from service providers.  I know I am not alone disability impacts all lives 1 in 5 people in the UK have a disability, many more people are living and/or caring for someone with a disability.  I needed to ensure change.

What I wanted to achieve at Wave-length was the chance for opportunity, ‘opportunity’ for employers and service providers to receive training that did not just quote the law but spoke about reality, how working practices could be improved and to help staff recognise the role they played in delivering a confident service without discrimination and prejudice.  Helping board members, managers and staff to understand challenges faced by customers with a disability whether related to physical, learning or mental health; but then most importantly to show how such barriers can be mitigated or removed in a balanced and reasonable way.   We can now confidently provide the above through our face to face programmes, IT solutions and resource pools offering throughout training that is thought provoking, void of lecturing and encourages a journey of self learning from the attendee.

But this approach does not work if we are not also engaged with those who face the challenges, so we provide a place for businesses to come together to understand challenges through our Waffles (see events page); Individuals wanting to find meaningful occupation in life and in providing real opportunities for people to improve their lives.  This way we can support others, learn from them and pass our learning to organisations, employers and service providers – what a wonderful circle of learning.

All of this makes Wave-length the perfect educator on disability, we balance commercial and disability needs, we work with people with disabilities and we share through fresh and revolutionary programmes

Wave-length is something I had been planning for years and launched in 2008, thank you to all the team who have made it a success.

Ann Johnson Director of Wave-length


Wave-length offers

For organisations – employers and service providers

A range of training for Employers and Service providers – our trainers and facilitators are selected for both their knowledge of disability and that of your business sector, so what ever your business your session will be planned by someone who considered your sector, discusses the key objectives with you and designs and delivers it accordingly.

We also provide employers and service providers with on-line training options and a resource pool of information that means your organisation can keep in touch with best practice 24/7  Click here for employers and here service providers

We are also developing a service under the name Lighthouse Resolution that will assist employers who want to find solutions to improving outcomes for those they employ who have a disability, mental health condition or long term health condition.  More information to come soon

For individuals

We offer many of our services through The Junction Box a place to seek direction in lives, to share experiences and to seek out opportunities.  For more information on how we can help you as an individual go to www.junctionbox.org.uk or email lauren@wave-length.org.uk

We are always happy to partner with others in order to provide bigger and better services to organisations, individuals and the communities so if you are interested in working together make contact with ann@wave-length.org.uk