For Individuals

For Individuals

Wave-length can provide you with confidence and skills to help improve your CV and find meaningful occupation.

10 essential reasons why you should choose Wave-length to support you!

We offer a place for individuals to discuss, learn, seek and share we do this through The Junction Box a place to meet and discuss ways to achieve meaningful occupation, specialising in support to Self Employment, Business and Social Enterprise Start-up for people facing social barriers read more

2 We provide free to attend ‘Waffle with Wave-length’ events where you can discover, question and understand the issues surrounding a particular disability, health condition or identified barrier to service provision. To book a place or find out when the next event will be held go to Wave-length’s event page 

3 We provide a series of interactive, informal and useful first steps to employment, voluntary work or self-employment through a ‘Tune into Yourself’ programme.  The sessions are about helping people who want to build up confidence in a group, build on skills and find direction to meaningful occupation.  If this sounds like you then get in touch with and we can let you know when the next session will be delivered – please note sessions are subject to funding.

4  Our website has much in the way of information news, support and events for individuals, but we want more and you can help us: can you provide us with comments to news stories, provide us with your experiences tell us what you need from us, tell us what’s happening. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

5 Its essential that when you seek work, retain employment or venture into self-employment that you understand your rights and or be aware of the latest equipment and technology to help you do your job.  We can provide this through our events, news pages and guidance notes and allowing you to ask a question at

6 There are many that benefit from knowing how someone else broke down barriers to succeed, found the right support or built up the confidence to have a go, if you think you might help us support people that need to ask a question, want to understand how or want to understand  the next steps then let us know.

We campaign actively for individual rights to employment and service delivery we are a member of ACAS Equality team and a member of the National Disability Alliance based within the Department of Work in Pensions so if you face a challenge to meaningful occupation then we can pass issues on your behalf.

8   We assist and signpost individuals to support services that will help them understand the steps to self-employment.  People with disabilities are 2% more likely to go into self-employment than those who do not have a disability so if this is something you are considering then get in touch with us.  9 If you have a few hours to spare a week and would like to help Wave-length then we are happy to talk to you, we are always looking for people to help us with running an event, carrying out research or helping us fund raise.

10 We are also keen to help you progress your career so if you think you might have a skill that would not just benefit us as an organisation but also help you to gain valued experience for your CV then get in touch via , always happy to explore an idea

Next Steps

  • Just pick up the phone and ring us on  01952 670404 or email on
    • To find out how we can help support your career
    • To request an outline of any workshops
    • To find out more about our services.
    • To understand how we can meet your needs

    Remember when you seek services from Wave-length CIC you are not just benefiting yourself you are also helping the wider community.  Wave-length CIC is a profit for purpose organisation, using the money you pay us for services to help those in the community who face challenges to gaining meaningful occupation