For Service Providers

For Service Providers

Wave-length offers a range of training and events that can hep inform and develop services within your organisation.

 10 essential reasons why you should choose Wave-length CIC to support your Equality and Diversity objectives, policies and training

We offer a web based community for Service Providers to discuss, learn, seek and share.  We help you not just to understand the law on Equality and Diversity but most importantly how to apply it in your business when there are often so many other priorities to balance.

2 We provide free to attend ‘Waffle with Wave-length’ events where you can discover, question and understand the real issues and challenges surrounding a particular disability, health condition or identified barrier to service provision.   To book a place or find out when the next event will be held go to Wave-length’s event page 

3 Accessibility is important, and we can help make your services more accessible. 1 in 5 of your or potential customers or clients will have some sort of disability or health condition.  It is also estimated that the disability pound is worth over 10 billion pounds every year so it makes business sense for you to make sure your service is accessible to the market.  Contact if you would like information on how we might help you access a greater customer base by making your business more accessible.

 4 Wave-length Offer an affordable online resource for training and shared information called the The Wave-length Well, use the link for more info!

5 We offer a whole training programme for service providers to attend which include Introduction to Equality and Diversity, Cultivating culture for leaders and managers and managing long term absence.  Costs are from £50.00 a unit.  For a full list of the current courses or for more information contact

6 We design sessions to suit your sector, so for instance if you are from the care sector the sessions can include the drivers within the Transformation of Social Care, if you are in the security business it will look at related regulation, in housing associations we will demonstrate best practice in support to residents and so on.

We do not do death by Power-point, we do not lecture, instead we offer facilitated learning, helping your staff to really understand the role they play in delivering a customer service that provides opportunity to all

8 Our sessions are designed to be informative, fresh and engaging so that your staff can easily understand the role they play in delivering an equitable service

9 We are always developing new solutions to service providers in the next 12 months we will be developing a fresh and exciting approach to on-line training both through interactive live broadcasts from your desk/home and fresh approaches to purchased interactive learning for your staff. 

10 We never leave you empty handed! If Wave-length CIC could offer you more then let us know we are a ‘profit for purpose’ organisation helping and supporting the community, we cannot do this if we don’t know what you ‘the community’ want so as an service provider if we could offer you more detail on a specific area, offer a different type of facility or better a current facility then let us know.

For a full (no charge) training scope, outline and cost to meet your training needs contact us at and then there are more many more ways you can benefit from Wave-length

  • We can provide you with links to a community on-line where you can talk to other organisations and share best practice, stopping the need to re-invent the wheel
  • We can direct you on best approaches to reasonable adjustments, appropriate support agencies and new ways of providing excellence in customer service
  • We provide you with a wide and extensive resource bank, practical guidance notes, case studies, top tips on delivery and training resources on so many useful subjects so that you can continue to deliver Equality and Diversity education in-house
  • We can help you manage long term absence so that you maximize capacity and assist people back into the workplace
  • We are currently designing revolutionary on-line training programmes in conjunction with Wolverhampton University so your staff won’t have to leave the office to receive Equality and Diversity Training


Next Steps

  • Just pick up the phone and ring us on  01952 670404 or email on
    • To find out how we can help support Equality and Diversity in your organisation
    • To request an outline of any of staff training programmes
    • To find out more about our services.
    • To understand how we can meet the needs of your sector

    Remember when you seek services from Wave-length CIC you are not just benefiting your organisation you are also helping the wider community.  Wave-length CIC is a profit for purpose organisation, using the money you pay us for services to help those in the community who face challenges to gaining meaningful occupation