For Society

For Society

Wave-length provides a diverse range of events and activities thast benefit society. Wave-length is a profit for purpose community interest company which means any money we make from the training we sell, goes out to benefit the wider community.

What we do for society

1.    We provide confidence building workshops to those who need a little extra help to overcome their barriers. Contact for more information.

 2.    We provide enrichment sessions to schools and colleges to inform and change the lives of younger people. Contact for more information.

 3.    We provide a range of free events with a mixture of subject topics, from self-employment to Mobility .

 4.    We provide information and news through our website and keep you updated on the latest.

 5.    We direct volunteer support to assist local community projects.

 6.    We provide a wider catchment pool of talent for employers.

 7.    We reduce health care needs as people often feel less dependent when their life is fulfilled.

 8.    We provide aspiration: inspirational people encourage others to succeed and in turn they give back to the wider community and help others to see what goals are achieved.

 9.    We work with people who face challenges in their lives so that we can share their experience and intelligence with you

10. We can sign post you to support organisations to help you get the best of our services.

Next Steps

  • Just pick up the phone and ring us on  01952 670404 or email on
  • To find out how we can help support Equality and Diversity in your organisation
  • To request an outline of any of staff training programmes
  • To find out more about our services.
  • To understand how we can meet the needs of your sector

Remember when you seek services from Wave-length CIC you are not just benefiting your organisation you are also helping the wider community.  Wave-length CIC is a profit for purpose organisation, using the money you pay us for services to help those in the community who face challenges to gaining meaningful occupation