For Support Organisations

For Support Organisations

Wave-length provide a resource for information and signposting to support organisations.

10 Eseential reasons why you should let Wave-length support you.

1. We will provide signposting on this website to allow potential service users to find you easily. Directory. Just send info to

2. We give you the opportunity to feel part of a wider employment support network so that individuals can be better served

3. We offer the chance to join other organisations to tender for larger funding packages, through frameworks and consortiums

4. We offer the opportunity to shere resources, training budgets and best practice work models.

5. We offer the opportunity to understand each others services.

6. Direct suitable volunteer support that we can not retain ourselves

7. We offer free events that can help shape your best practice in employment and customer service. Events

8. We offer affordable training for leaders and managers as well as those just starting out their careers. Events

9. We will support your events by putting them on out website and tweeting about them. Just send details to

10. We can provide a speaker for your events. Just message lisa@wave-length of details.


Next Steps

Just pick up the phone and ring us on  01952 670404 or email on

  • To find out how we can help support Equality and Diversity in your organisation
  • To request an outline of any of staff training programmes
  • To find out more about our services.
  • To understand how we can meet the needs of your sector

Remember when you seek services from Wave-length CIC you are not just benefiting your organisation you are also helping the wider community.  Wave-length CIC is a profit for purpose organisation, using the money you pay us for services to help those in the community who face challenges to gaining meaningful occupation