Whatever sector you’re in digital accessibility can help you reach more customers

Whatever sector you’re in digital accessibility can help you reach more customers

The digital world presents a number of obstacles to disabled people

Under the Equality Act 2010, organisations have a legal obligation to their customers, both internally and externally, to ensure that all their IT channels and applications are accessible to disabled people who may use a variety of access devices and equipment.

Making your website accessible to all

The Equality and Human Rights Commission, AbilityNet, BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT and Activ have developed the only product of its kind in the UK – the Web Essentials e-learning course. This 90 minute, cost effective, on-line course is designed to equip individuals and businesses interested in accessibility best practice with a fundamental understanding of digital inclusion.


Completing the Web Essentials e-learning course will lead to a valuable certificate of achievement, enabling those who complete the course and complete a short test to share their skills amongst colleagues and other designers, developers and web site producers.

Web Essentials provides tools to help you test accessibility at all stages of web site development and provides recognised training standards for identifying usability problems and how to easily solve them.

An accessible website simply makes good business sense by:

  • opening up new markets amongst UK’s 12 million disabled consumers with spending power exceeding £80 billion
  • increasing on-line traffic and sales by 90% or more*
  • securing legal compliance with confidence
  • enhancing visibility – 50% improvement in SEO rankings may be achievable*
  • decreasing maintenance costs – a saving of more than 40% in bandwidth costs and a reduction in on-line maintenance by 50% is not unusual*
  • affecting the on-line choices of family and friends – positive disabled consumer experience affects those around them
  • gaining vital competitive edge over your rivals’ sites – accessible sites are simply more intuitive for everyone
  • improving your brand’s integrity and reputation
  • future-proofing your web presence for mobile internet access.

*Legal and General

It makes sense for your users, for your business – and it’s the law!

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